The dynamic economic background and rich history of Denver appeal to all kinds of people in and out of the city. Based on a recent census, the population of the Mile High City reaches an approximate 704,000, and 71% of it constitutes the economy’s active labor force. Many businesses start-up organizations, medium-scale companies, and multinational corporations have emerged and thrived in the county. Denver serves as a magnet for a pool of highly skilled workers and young professionals. They are interested in career opportunities in the dynamic industries of bioscience, information technology, and aerospace.


One of the most rapidly growing employment fields in the county involves the financial services industry. These are accountants, auditors, financial analysts, and bookkeepers who help ensure that firms run efficiently. Thus, they provide guidance to businesses in making investment decisions. Many young professionals from the finance industry seek a related job to hone their skills and serve their career goals in the Mile High City. Although the demand for associated jobs is expansive, job seekers find it difficult to land their preferred position. This is due to the competitive labor market. Moreover, hiring a suitable person for the job also poses a challenge to the human resource departments of businesses with a surge of experienced professionals in the area. Fortunately, several finance and accounting agencies that have access to top-tier candidates and connections to local companies serve local business owners and job seekers.


The Importance of Hiring a Staffing Agency for Job Seekers

Some job seekers consider a job search daunting. This is due to a lack of time to devote to their search and the amount of competition in the industry. Thus, partnering with a staffing agency is an acceptable choice for many reasons. First off, most agencies operate with the fundamental task of connecting employers and job seekers. From the employer’s point of view, a staffing agency saves time and money. On the other hand, job seekers consider recruitment agencies a professional ally. They work to understand the skills, experience, and personality of the applicant in order to match him or her with a suitable job position. Moreover, staffing agencies provide support and training development to help job seekers attain career success.


Get the Most Out Of Staffing Agencies for Your Employment Needs!

So, how do staffing agencies work, and how can they help you achieve your employment goals? Here are five tips to help job seekers get the most out of a relationship with a staffing agency:


  • Choose the Suitable Specialized Staffing Agency

Not all staffing and recruiting agencies have similar missions. So, it is essential to spend some time learning about them before investing in the relationship. If your professional goals are geared toward finance and accounting, then it is best to connect with firms that specialize in the industry.


  • Register with the Recruitment Agency

At most staffing agencies, job seekers begin submitting their resume and cover letter. Once the agencies review and accept these documents, they may ask you to partake in skills testing and mock interviews. This is together with one of their recruitment experts so they can learn more about your skills and abilities. They can also help job seekers to improve their resume, prepare them for daunting job interviews, and share local hiring trends.


  • Treat the Interview Seriously

Although some staffing firms ask you to take part in mock interviews, it is necessary to approach the questions of the recruitment manager just as you would at any job interview with an employer. Job seekers should note that a staffing agency does not aim to grill but to evaluate their abilities. This is also to get a good sense of what positions suit them.


  • Full-time or Temporary Job?

Some employers turn to staff agencies to access top-tier candidates for project-based work. While other businesses hire full-time employees, a growing trend of temporary-to-full-time positions has become evident over the years. Deciding whether you want short-term, long-term, or temporary-to-permanent employment does not only benefit you but also the staffing agency and the employer.


  • Make Yourself Marketable

A commendable staffing firm offers a wide array of professional development and training opportunities. Taking part in them may give you an edge over your competitors and improve your employment prospects.

For job seekers seeking a job in the financial industry, understanding the twists and turns of a finance and accounting staffing agency provides an edge on their job search; and the right agency can work wonders. JC Porter is one of the leading finance and accounting agencies in Denver. We offer the necessary support to attract, engage, and retain skilled financial professionals. We serve as a strategic hiring partner for financial institutions– big or small. This is across the vast array of disciplines including accounting, finance, insurance, and banking. Contact us today at (303) 953-1139 for personalized assistance with your job search or hiring needs.

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