Denver is right at the center of what’s often referred to as the most educated workforce in the country. And, with its booming business scene, beautiful countryside, and four perfect seasons, Denver continuously sets precedents as the nation’s best city for new careers.

That means the job market here is pretty competitive too. The great thing is that JC Porter provides outstanding confidential job assistance in Denver. Now, there’s no need to worry about hunting jobs discreetly– we’ll do it for you!

The Trouble of Doing the Job Hunting Yourself

There are risks if you do a job search yourself. The worst thing that can happen is putting your current position and future employment in jeopardy.

Employers tend to look at job-seeking employees as unfaithful and a menace to the company. According to an survey, 52 percent more job seekers worry that their colleagues might find out that they are searching for a new job than worry about actually finding no job. It makes sense that job seekers try to keep their hunts low-profile at work.

The following are risks you might encounter if you job-hunt on your own:

1. Job searching at work

It happens: Job seekers get fired after leaving their computer open while in search of a job. While you can use your break or lunch time to search, you have to know that what you write or say at work can be seen or heard by your colleagues or supervisors. Also, using your company’s phone, Wi-Fi, or computer are ill advised if you are in a stealth job search.

Most employers can monitor your internet usage and review your phone calls on company equipment.

2. Attending physical job fairs

Taking leave to go for job interviews or job fairs can be risky– especially if your employer doesn’t know the real reason behind your absence.

Remember too that your current employer trusts you to do your work for them. It will be hard to throw off suspicions if you fail to do your job and/or are always missing-in-action. If they find out about your search, they might use this slackness as an easy reason to drive you out of your current job, and that will kill them as a later reference.

3. Posting your resume or your job search status

It can be nerve-wracking to keep searches private while still building your online visibility to potential employers. An excellent online presence can reflect your professionalism as a good worker. But you have to be careful how you use your current employer’s info and contact information if you’re trying to be discreet about your search.

Sharing any updates of your job search on your social media accounts is totally foolish unless you are ready to be fired. It is not hard for employers to find out about your job search if you flaunt it in your social media.

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