If you are a small business owner thinking about employing a recruiter, HR expert, or staffing agency to help with your recruiting requirements, there are numerous factors to consider before deciding on which professional or organization to hire. Furthermore, if you are considering a career as a recruiter, there are a number of characteristics and experiences that are required and will lead to a highly successful future as a recruiter.

We’re JC Porter, a Denver staffing agency dedicated to your success. Here are a few considerations for staffing agencies and recruiters:

Answering or Returning a Message

It’s easy to want to screen calls, but this is a trust business. A successful staffing agency answers the phone, listens to questions, and invests in the companies and candidates that need it.

Maximizing Time

Opportunities for distraction abound, but a good agency knows how to focus on what matters. Your success or failure in this department will be reflected in your reviews and income!

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

This is only partly about tactics. The best recruiters and agencies know the industries and the locations they serve. They know what’s open and what’s important to their clients, and they are ready to make a call when they learn about an opening or a perfect candidate.

Keep Growing Your Network

Of course most of your time goes to your clients– is it should. But a good agency keeps up with and grows its network. The most effective staffing agencies are always meeting new people and developing relationships with new businesses. (That’s a big part of how they keep up with trends in the areas they serve!)

Maintain Your Reputation

At its core, reputation is about making and keeping promises. You won’t measure this in thank you cards- the impacts are subtle and long lasting, whether you kept your promises or you didn’t!


When you’re filling a position, nuance matters. Pay attention to every detail of a post you’re filling, and listen between the lines when you talk to your candidates. Good listening skills are the primary skill that enables a recruiter to completely grasp the role and locate the best applicant for it.

Stay Fearless

An effective recruiter must be brave. Cold calling, the capacity to inquire, the bravery to tell candidates they failed, and the ability to contact clients/company about employment difficulties– these take courage. 

Good recruiters can’t hide behind electronic tools. They make things happen. 

Be Consistent

Competent recruiters and agencies keep the pipeline full. The position is never filled until the candidate shows up for work. Without that, you’re starting from scratch every time.

Bottom line, a great staffing agency leaves final applicants with a positive impression of the firm even if they don’t win a position. You never know when you might meet them again. A great recruiter knows the meaning and value of customer service.

Work with the Staffing Agency, JC Porter

Businesses use recruitment firms for a variety of reasons, including enhancing the quality of applicant pools and lowering expenses. JC Porter offers all of these benefits and more. Do you need recruitment assistance for your Denver-area business? Visit our website to learn more. https://jcporter.net/recruitment-and-talent-search/ 

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