What would you say is your biggest employment agency stumbling block? True, your responses may differ based on the size of the firm you work for or the kind of roles you’re filling. Most recruiters, however,run into a few typical recruitment problems.

Having the right people in the right roles is priceless. Adding competent, qualified people can be tough, though, whether you are a tiny business just getting started or a well-established enterprise.

Critical Recruitment Issues and Solutions

Here are the most frequent employment agency issues we hear, as well as ways to help you solve them and make your hiring more productive:

Finding the Right Candidate

If you’ve ever tried to find the ideal applicant among a field of candidates, you know how restricted your options sometimes are. You’ll pick the best individual available at the time, not the greatest match for the position. Avoiding this is not always about the amount of applicants. Frequently, the best approach to employing the right individuals is from a smaller pipeline of highly qualified talent.

In your job ads, be specific about the requirements and provide a concise overview of the role. To directly address your key concerns, use an application form with ‘knock-out’ questions. For example, do you require someone with a clean driving record? Include a yes/no question asking if the candidates have one. It’s a quick approach to eliminate candidates who aren’t a good fit for the position.

Recruiting Competent Individuals

Good prospects are often approached by multiple recruiting agencies, making it more difficult for you to stand out. Furthermore, individuals with difficult-to-find talent can be looking at multiple job offers on their own. You must go above and above to persuade passive applicants to select your firm over your competition.

Before approaching a passive applicant, find out what inspires them and what makes them happy in their current position. Using this information, tailor your sourcing calls and emails to describe what you can give them rather than what they can accomplish for your organization or the organization you represent.

Quick Hiring

Hiring teams aim to employ as soon as possible since empty positions cost money and cause operations to be delayed. However, depending on your sector, hiring might take many months, putting recruiters under strain and upsetting hiring teams. A lack of competent candidates in the pool draws everything out.

The recruiting process may be overly lengthy, or hiring teams may be unable to reach an agreement, resulting in the best applicants choosing work elsewhere.

When hiring for difficult-to-fill positions, it is normal to take a long time to hire. Explain this to the hiring teams and set expectations from the start. Tell them what a reasonable timetable is and emphasize the necessity of recruiting carefully for positions where a bad hire may cost a lot of money.

And, when that perfect recruit comes through the door, don’t let them lose interest.

Recruiting Based on Data

Companies may utilize recruitment data and metrics to enhance their recruiting process and make better selections. However, gathering and analyzing data may be time-consuming and can lead to paralysis by analysis. Spreadsheets are one method for tracking recruiting data, however they involve manual labor, are vulnerable to human mistake, and are not necessarily compliant.

This makes it difficult to correctly track data and trends. Hiring teams want methods for compiling and organizing data in an effective and streamlined manner. Make sure you’re clear about what the data is supposed to tell you, and cut out any extraneous information.

Creating a Powerful Employer Brand

A strong employer brand will help you attract and retain top talent. People who have had a favorable experience with a business on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family, according to research. Thus, helping applicants to not hesitate in filing their application.

This encompasses everything from providing a pleasant applicant experience to promoting your culture on social media. This constant, collaborative endeavor requires you to deviate from what you think of as your normal work and gain buy-in from your teammates.

Always respond (courteously) to internet reviews, both positive and negative. Allow your employees to tell you about their jobs and what they enjoy about them (for example, through blogs and videos). In short, be a good employer. 

Providing a Positive Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is crucial not just for employer branding, but also when your finest applicants are considering your job offers. The way you handle applicants during the recruiting process reflects how you would treat them once they are hired. They are less inclined to accept if they have a poor encounter.

Positive applicant experiences, on the other hand, may boost your employer brand and inspire qualified prospects to apply for and accept your job offers.

Bottom Line

Every organization is different, and the problems that come with establishing and maintaining a streamlined hiring process will vary from one to the next. Partner with a trusted employment agency to preempt these and other common troubles.

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