Hiring can be complicated. There is a whole host of factors to consider when selecting the perfect fit for your available positions. More often than not, there will be many applicants, and you have to weed through them to find the best candidates. If you’re having a hard time with your hiring decisions, you might want to reconsider your selection process.

Hiring the Right Person Matters

Hiring the right applicant is essential. Successful businesses have employees that perform well, after all. From the front desk to the C suite, every hire represents a facet of your business to your prospective clients and the community. Hiring the wrong person can give you trouble and cost you more than just money. This is why so many companies seek help from an employment agency.

Improving Your Selection Process

So, you have received hundreds of resumes and scoured each one. You have also pre-screened a couple of candidates over the phone. Your interviews are scheduled, and you believe that one of these aspiring applicants will be the best fit for your team.

Consider these tips for choosing the right candidate.

First, Know the Job description Well 

Hiring the right person begins with a detailed job analysis. The job analysis allows you to gather information about the work environment and the responsibilities and necessary skills of a particular job. Analyzing the job is crucial to developing a job description for applicants. This job description will help you refine your search.  

Read the Applicant’s Body Language

Look for hints about applicants from their gestures, arm movements, eye contact, and handshakes. The body language of the candidate can give you insight into what kind of person they are. It will also give you an instinct of how they feel and how interested and willing they are in your job opportunity.

Evaluate Their Ethic & Attitude towards Work

 Watch out for language that indicates the applicant has struggled dealing with management or colleagues in the past. Ask them questions about how they handle heavy workloads, situations, and shifting priorities. Evaluating their work ethic will help you assess the kind of performance they may have in the future. Employees with positive mindsets and work attitudes are likely to contribute things that will benefit the business.

Check their Social Media

When people post on Twitter or Facebook, they are often being themselves completely and letting their guard down. Looking at their online profiles can often tell you more about them than you can learn in an interview. Doing this will reveal information that is otherwise hard to find through the traditional screening process.

Ask Why They Left Their Previous Job

Try to find out why they left their previous job. Are they blaming someone else? Are they being honest about their reason, and is it valid? You have to find out more, and you need to be open-minded that their previous work environment might have been unhealthy. 

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