Temporary employment agencies in Denver specialize in filling positions for temporary workers. Agencies screen a huge pool of workers to sort out suitable applicants to define their skillset. Though hiring temporary workers has pros and cons, temp agencies are vital to the job market because they help companies fill important roles quickly for a temporary need or as a stopgap while a more permanent placement is arranged.

What is a Temp Agency?

Imagine spending hours finding and hiring a candidate you only need to fill a role for a short time. Imagine the paperwork. The work hours involved. Hence, this is where temp agencies in Denver come in. The benefit of working with an agency is that you pay a fee to get your time and HR personnel back. 

Instead of spending time and energy finding someone to fill a temporary role,  employers identify their needs and task the agency with the work of screening and hiring over a specific timeframe.  .

Temp Agency Staffing in Denver

Often, employers with open temporary positions are looking for lower-paid unskilled workers for entry level work and don’t want to spend resources filling them. These might include production workers, janitorial/floor staff, and security personnel that may already have a relationship with the temp agency anyway.  

That said organizations often do need staff with special skills or credentials for a short time. Hence, believe it or not there are specialize workers out there that are looking for short term work. In fact, many agencies are designed to serve specific workers or industries. Whole recruitment networks exist for high-level jobs including engineers, project managers, and computer science professionals. In some cases, they are more like recruitment services because instead of providing a mass volume of general workers, they focus on a smaller volume of workers with the experience and skills needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Temp Hiring

Having a temp agency to provide short-term workers can cover a lot of workload and work costs.

A temp agency saves your HR department some labor costs on resume sifting and other paperwork. Also, since temporary employees are usually paid by the agency, you don’t have to worry about contracts and other minutia because the temp agency does it for you. 

Temp agencies are practice at testing for specific skill types.

You can focus on what you’re good at while your temp agency assesses applicants for the skills you need.

Temporary workers need time to familiarize themselves with the work environment. 

For this reason, the workflow may slow down a bit due to some unfamiliarity with how employers do their business. In some instances, permanent workers may provide minimal guidance to the temporary workers, which can slow down their workflow too.

Hiring temps can cause concern among existing employees.

On the part of the permanent employees, hiring temp workers can lead to some concerns. Hence, they may think they will be replace or that quality will suffer.

The Best Temp Agency in Denver

The American Staffing Association states that “there are approximately 3 million temporary employees working in U.S. companies”. A huge variety of general workers are available for short-term contracts!

JC Porter differs from many temporary agencies because we put people first while achieving results. 
We can provide top-notch candidates with the skills and experience you may need to fill temporary or even temp-to-hire positions at your organization. Feel free to contact us at info@jcporter.net or give us a ring at (303) 953-1139, and we’ll help you find the right workers!

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