It seems you’re overjoyed after you’ve been introduced to a better position, or perhaps this would be your first full-time job in your chosen field. Shouldn’t you check the most intricate portions of your contract or agreement, especially if the pay is good and it’s what you love doing? It is often a matter of reading and understanding what you’re committing to.

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Why JC Porter?

What sets JC Porter apart from the competition? We believe in providing the professional job and placement sector with uncompromised outcomes and ethics. JC Porter was founded on the concept of its founder, Jeff Porter, who saw the professional placement field as providing extremely useful solutions but were typically delivered in a subpar manner.

JC Porter has gone to great lengths to build a strong ethical expert employment company that first serves the best interests of our customers and applicants, built on a core of professionalism and ethics. Thus, our core services revolve around integrity, professionalism, and results.

JC Porter will bring the time to understand your goals. We keep striving to discover the best candidates for you and your business.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Signing Your Contract

Here are some factors you need to consider before finalizing your work agreement with a company:

Coverage of Your Job and Responsibilities

It’s essential since it establishes the extent of your position and the responsibilities that your company may or may not assign to you. The broader your job specification is, the more leeway your company would have in requiring you to put in extra work and hoursl.

Make sure the job title accurately describes the position you’re accepting. It doesn’t attempt to force additional obligations you can’t or would not want to take on. Make sure the job description is exact as well. If the post is for a management level, the job description should not merely show the actual position.


If working from home is an option you’ve explored, the agreement must indicate that. Furthermore, if you stop working at a new destination while having decided to be in your agreement, you may lose your claim to a redundancy payout.


Check that your job contract matches the terms of your employment agreement. It would be best to double-check those other perks, such as an increased pension, a vehicle, private medical insurance, equities or stock alternatives, incentives, and referral bonuses, are covered. Determine if perks are definite or optional. If the incentive is based on results, there must be clear goals and a clear knowledge of who determines if the goals have been accomplished.

Hours of Operation

Don’t commit to the nature of work you’ll dislike afterward. If possible, discuss the potential of flexible schedules if that’s the only option to have the tasks completed. Look for any different shifts, and if you’ll be expected to work weekends or afternoons, or if, upon which occasions, and under what circumstances.


You may take vacations whenever you want, therefore if your company restricts when you may spend them, you must discuss it with them.


Any job opportunity, especially during these times of distress and pandemic, is a huge opportunity. However, it must not interfere with the importance of checking your job contract before signing it. Who knows? What you thought was a perfect job may turn out to be a nightmare. Check. Verify. Examine.

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Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time jobs, JC Porter can help you reach your goals. Our expert employment solutions will help you elevate your game and boost your chances of landing your dream job. For more inquiries, kindly visit our website.

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