Temporary staffing agencies, or temp agencies, are a great way for job seekers to find jobs quickly, easily, and conveniently. A temp agency in Denver would usually partner with companies to fill empty positions quickly until the company can finish its screening and hiring process. A temp job is also a wonderful opportunity for job seekers who want to work part-time or prefer a more flexible working schedule. 

How Do Temp Agencies Work

At first glance, your regular HR department and temp agencies seem to function the same. However, there is one major difference between the two recruiting bodies. Agencies handle the hiring, onboarding, and termination of temporary employees. It means that the agency’s client, the contracting company, isn’t responsible for paying or providing benefits to temporary workers. An agreement is simply formed between the client company and the agency based on the number of temporary workers contracted. The client then pays a percentage or hourly rate for each agency’s contracted worker. 

The task of the temp agency is to negotiate the schedule, payment, and all other crucial employment details of the temporary worker. If a worker finds a problem with the client, they will consult their temp agency. Meanwhile, if the client is unsatisfied with a temp worker’s performance, they need to discuss it with the agency as they cannot directly terminate temporary workers. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Temp Agency 

Now that we know what a temp agency is and how they work, let’s discuss how you can maximize working with a temp agency. 

Research What Temp Agency In Denver You Should Partner With

Each temp agency in Denver specializes in different industries. Make sure you’re working with a firm that fits your needs. Finding the right firm could mean the difference between a great temporary working experience and a not-so-good one. 

Be Serious About Your Interview

Even if you are applying for a temporary position, it is still a real job interview. Thus, you should treat this as an opportunity to showcase yourself and land a good first impression. Dress appropriately, be polite to everyone, and show that you value your interviewers’ time by arriving on time. Remember, even if they are looking for temporary workers, they still want to send their clients the best, most qualified candidates. Giving a good first impression can make them vouch for you confidently and help you land a job quicker.

It Pays to be Prepared

Since you’re essentially going through a job interview, you need to be prepared for anything that the interviewer may require from you. Whether it’s a list of credible references, a brief explanation of your previous positions, or your work history, coming prepared can work wonders on your confidence and credibility. 

Practice Honesty

While the idea of honestly expressing your thoughts might be nerve-wracking, it is counterintuitive if you aren’t upfront with your temp agency about your preferences. If you’re honest about the types of jobs or positions you are and are not interest in, it can streamline the placement process. Such a simple thing can do wonders in eliminating confusion and frustration in the long run for you and your temp agency.

If you’re upfront about the types of positions you do and don’t want, you’ll eliminate confusion and frustration. Your time won’t be wasted by recruiters offering you jobs you don’t want if you were honest about your preferences, to begin with. It’s also crucial that you are honest with your recruiter about any gaps in your work history. It helps them understand your circumstances better and set you up for success.

Turning down a job won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. In most cases, it’s better to turn a job down upfront than reluctantly accept a job. When you aren’t honest, you deny yourself and your recruiter the chance to find you the right-fitting job. However, if you turn down a job, please provide a proper explanation to your recruiter why you didn’t accept the job.

Keep an Open Mind

While the word temporary in temporary work may be intimidating, it’s important to keep an open mind! Sometimes a temporary job becomes the pathway to long-term employment, especially if you find the right fit and impress your company with your performance. Even if you are not hire by the company, you are growing your professional network and portfolio, which becomes more valuable in the long run. 

Temp Work is Still Work! Don’t Be Afraid of It!

Even if you are applying for a temporary position, temporary work is still a wonderful opportunity to gain experience. Find a right job you never know. Your temporary job may be your gateway towards a successful career. 

If you have interest in getting a temporary job, contact a temp agency in Denver that you can trust!

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