Living in Denver is like being in the heart of a career haven. Forbes’ 2018 list of the best cities for jobs had it ranked on no. 12. A whopping 2.3% growth with 1.47 million jobs in 2017 made the Mile High City a magnet pulling vigorous job hunters in. Denver also made it into the top 10 best cities in the U.S. to start a new business, placing no.8. Those two figures combined, Denver is undeniably a home for successful tax job placements.

However, as much as the industry is booming, it also means that competition is tight and standing out can be much of a challenge for both businesses and job seekers alike. In addition to this, researchers have also emphasized the city’s charisma to millennials. The Mile High City ranks second to Austin in being the most moved-to by 20- and 30-somethings, as members cited in LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Report. Job hunting is not widely limiting regarding age, but this bracket is more than enough competition. Nonetheless, you should know that there is something you can do.

Land a Job in Denver

  •    Research

As mainstream as it may seem, research, research, and research are imperative. You have to make sure you know what the company does, what the job entails. Moreover, the founder of recruiting firm BW Bacon in Denver, David Bacon added, “be prepared”. Nothing new here, but this is just relatively essential, as imposed by the recruiters themselves. Knowledge is key, especially in tax jobs.

  •    Show Some Enthusiasm

Let the recruiters or employers know you are passionate for the position by all means. A company’s values are almost always posted on their site. Maryanne Brown, head of recruiting at Gusto, advised reading those before applying to make sure that you are “qualified for the role and be prepared to find out whether your motivation aligns with the company”.

  •    Meet People

According to Luke Vernon who runs Boulder-based Luke’s Circle to connect job seekers with local companies, job seekers’ focus on looking on job boards is a regress. Instead, you should “spend 75 percent of your time meeting people, taking people out to coffee, and navigating social and professional networks,” as networking is also crucial in tax-related jobs.

  •    Pair with a Recruiting Agency

Whether you are currently employed or readily available for something new, a recruiting agency is sure to get you through. The job hunting process is already intimidating, what more if your situation calls for individual assistance. There could even be instances where you don’t even know where to begin looking. Companies nowadays, especially those in thriving cities like Denver, has considerably shifted their hiring and staffing process with the aid of recruitment agencies.


Be Part of Successful Tax Job Placement in Denver with JC Porter

Collaborating with a recruitment agency has undeniable benefits. The time, money and effort of a job hunter are just among them. Here at JC Porter, our expert agents are connected to a network of professionals and talent. We aim for saving employers from the hassles of the hiring process. Likewise, this will benefit job seekers on the opposite end.

What’s more is that our Confidential Job Seeker Assistance services help people who would want to go through a professionally confidential process. Besides, the areas we service include the Mile High City of Denver, and tax job placement are just among the variety of demands we cater. Entrust your employment arrangements with a recruitment agency that has developed efficient methodologies through many years in business. Connect with JC Porter today!

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