Technology has improved vastly in recent years. As a result, programs like Zoom and Meet have served us all well during the pandemic.

Video channels are user-friendly and inexpensive. and you don’t even have to trouble yourself going to and from the meetings. Recruiters are enjoying these benefits as much as anybody.

Job Interviews are Going Virtual

Counter-measures are being implemented all over the world to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Employers today encourage online interviews for job seekers. This benefits everybody, really. Virtual interviews are convenient and cost-effective. They reduce transportation costs and allow hiring managers to reach non-local applicants.

Virtual interviews take all kinds of shapes, including video calls and recorded video. Some employers ask for a recorded video for primary assessment and others proceed directly to video calls. Video calls are harder than recorded ones, for obvious reasons. In many ways these interviews are like traditional ones, so it is vital to prepare thoroughly before your scheduled interview.

Tips for Online Interviews

In other ways, interviewing via online platforms is a lot different than being interviewed in person. Take these tips to ace that job interview:

  • Traditional Rules Still Apply

Don’t neglect the usual dress code during online interviews. Some employers say to even put your good shoes on even though nobody will see you. Dress to complement the camera: Wear solid colors rather than complex patterns. Just like in a traditional face-to-face interview, practice for your answers until they sound natural. 

  • Remove Distractions

You want to be here, right? Turn your phone off. Turn off all programs on your computer except for the meeting platform. Sit in a quiet location, and close the doors and windows to minimize external noise. You want to be here, so focus. 

  • Mind Your Background

Recruiters will see your surroundings via video call. According to professionals, your background in interviews is also crucial. Any unnecessary things around you will distract your interviewer. Clutter leaves a bad impression too.

Ideally, you want to do your interview in front of a blank background, but don’t sit right up against a wall. Check also your lighting. And those virtual backgrounds? Don’t even think about it.  

  • Check Your Equipment

Prioritize the device that you are going to use for the interview. The interviewer must be able to see you well. Make sure your internet connection is serving just your interview and not anybody’s Xbox or Netflix. Protecting your bandwidth will help keep you from looking like a Minecraft robot in your first interview.

It is also important to be prepared for software trouble. Install a back-up of the software on a second device just in case you encounter technical problems. Test each device well in advance. 

  • Keep Eye-Contact

When you are looking at the screen during your interview, you are not making eye-contact to your interviewer. Try to practice looking directly at the camera; this is as close as you can get to making eye contact with the hiring manager.

Don’t stress yourself too much for your virtual interview! You have to be confident as if you are sure that you will get that slot in the company that you are aiming for. Were our tips helpful? Our team at JC Porter can also help straighten your career path. Call us at (303) 953-1139, or visit us at!

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