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Why is finding the right talent so hard?

The growth of a company is a reflection of the total value of the people behind it. From the easiest job to the most complicated one, the success of a business is never an individual journey. However, many businesses today invariably underestimate how cumbersome and time consuming it is to hire a fantastic team. In a world full of talented professionals who are looking for jobs, the challenge  to hire the right person in a timely manner can quickly ruin the productivity of the entire team. Fortunately, companies can get help from reputable recruitment and talent search agencies to overcome these obstacles. Today, finding the right fit for your company is made more accessible than ever by the experts from JC Porter.

Why Use a Recruitment and Talent Search Agency?

Amidst an ever-growing competitive job market, sourcing the best candidates must  be top priority. Once you’ve posted an opening both on traditional and modern job boards, hundreds of resumes will fill your plate, many of whom lack the qualifications you desire. While you might have your own unique ways of filtering those applications, narrowing them down to the most promising applicants will still consume a significant amount of effort and especially time. Also, we all know that in business, time is money. Thus, finding a reliable recruitment and talent search agency can save you from the hassles of vetting the most qualified people to hire.

Here are the top benefits of relying on recruitment agencies to fill the vacancies in your company or organization:

  1. The best recruiters have extensive knowledge of the skills required for each  job. It is not possible for internal HR recruiters to become experts in every area of every job that needs to be filled.  A good agency recruiter will be an expert in the field for which they recruit. They will understand the exact needs of the hiring manager and be able to speak their technical language in order to  recruit effectively.

2. Businesses need to run lean.  As such, when a member of the team leaves, his/her immediate tasks must be redistributed to maintain productivity.  This one missing headcount can put tremendous undue pressure on the      remaining teammates. It is essential to find the right person to fill that vacancy as quickly as possible, to sustain the overall health and morale of the remaining team.

3. Missed deadlines, especially external filing deadlines, can have serious  repercussions on other areas of the company. Agencies can help you quickly fill those crucial roles, so external and internal deadlines are not missed.

4. Recruitment and talent search agencies have an extended reach beyond traditional job boards. The most promising candidates, especially the top-tier ones, are often selective and/or not actively seeking new positions.  Most of them do not respond to job advertisements, while others already have their trusted recruiters and are currently waiting for placement. The best agencies have a deep rolodex of highly qualified, more confidential candidates, who choose not to have  their resumes posted online. The best agencies know where to find the hidden talent at the right price for the company.

5. A professional matchmaking process involves only candidates, not applicants.  A recruitment agency invests much time to assess, filter and match all the criteria and qualifications required by their clients. You will have access to a set of candidates that are worthy of your time, effort and consideration.

6. A recruitment agency can help sell your business to a potential candidate.  The top candidates are looking for impressive companies with great reputations.  A strong understanding of your company’s philosophy and values are what attracts top talent. Of course, an aspiring one would seek more information to impress you.  Even at the earliest stage, a candidate with a real insight of your business can make all the difference.

7. Relying on a recruitment agency is both time and budget-friendly.  With the advent of digital advertising and the growing number of professionals who are seeking jobs, online job boards require large payments for ads on a daily basis.

The insights above are just some of the key benefits that a company can reap from partnering with a robust recruitment and talent search agency.


Why Choose JC Porter LLC?

JC Porter has a 90% success rate of finding at least one highly qualified candidate for every opening they have ever worked on a company’s behalf.  Nearly 100% of JC Porter’s clients become repeat customers. While it’s true that the talent pool continues to grow every day, it is often difficult to find the right people for your company without the network and the proper tools.  Working for over a decade in the placement business, JC Porter has established relationships with countless top-tier candidates to make finding the right talent for your company effective and fast. Our expert team is committed to bringing exceptional results and integrity to the professional search and placement industry.

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