The pandemic has significantly impacted every part of our lives, especially work and how job seekers find new jobs. And as we look toward the end of the tunnel this year, there are still many things job seekers need to cope up with. While this means uncertainties for a recruitment agency or an ordinary job seeker in Lakewood, CO, opportunities are still around. JC Porter is a leading firm in the placement industry. We’re to help you reach your business and career goals. 

The Impact of 2020 on Employment

In 2020, employment dropped a significant percentage, crippling employees’ financial stability and their employers’ businesses, too. Due to business closures, health concerns, stay-at-home orders, and reduced demand for services and products, many have lost their jobs and have been dropped into the endless uncertainty of trying to find a new one. With a dramatic increase in the number of available candidates, it’s even more important for agencies to employ good systems for vetting them. 

New Job Search Trends to Watch Out For

Big and small enterprises need to adjust to cope with changes imposed by the pandemic, and so do job seekers. As a leading recruitment agency that connects employers to applicants, JC Porter aims to bring you closer to your dream jobs in these trying times.

Here are some trends you should be ready for in 2021: 

New Wave of Hiring Trends

It is typical to see a surge in hiring at the beginning of the year and another during the fall. On the other hand, summer and the other months tend to move slower. This trend may all be wiped out this year. Relying on the hiring patterns from before COVID-19 may not work. Keep an eye on the hiring market to get an edge. The more you know about the companies that are and are not hiring will save you time and effort.

The Rise of Freelance, Temporary, and Contract Jobs

During times of uncertainty, companies rely more on temporary or project employees. They may be more careful about full time hires, but they also don’t want to go understaffed. It is for this reason that you’ll see more job openings for short-term employment. Temporary work has both pros and cons. The lack of guarantees and benefits in these positions can be trying, but can lead to permanent positions. If you finally landed on a temporary job, embrace it. If you’re uncertain of what’s in it for you, remember: At the very least, you’re getting paid to build your resume. 

Work From Home

The pandemic started many people working from home. Many businesses may not go back to the normal working environment. Many will keep workers at home at least part of the time or integrate rotating work schedules for their employees. This means that many job seekers can now widen their job searches to include jobs around the country. Remote interviews are also a trend, button’t think that means you don’t have to be sharp. While organizational and communication skills are still essential, be ready to answer specific questions about how you can work from home effectively. 

Automated Recruitment

Many lost their jobs when lockdowns were implemented. With fewer jobs and more applications, hiring teams have turned to automated systems to cope. Many chatbots and applicant tracking systems can now answer questions and arrange schedules. As a job seeker, you can expect more automation in a company’s interview process. New technology can now scan resumes and cover letters and even analyze resume keywords that may determine a candidate’s approval for an interview. So, tailor your resume with this in mind. 

Booming Industries

Hiring trends will differ from industry and company size and how much they were impacted by the pandemic. Bigger companies with sufficient cash flows and key industries like healthcare and technology may see a surge in applications. It’s also a year to get out of your comfort zone and branch into new fields.  

The Leading Recruitment Agency

It’s hard to find the job you want during the pandemic, but you don’t have to search all by yourself. Partner with JC Porter, and we’ll guide you along the process! Are you looking for a job? Learn more about how we, as a recruitment agency, can help you find a new job in Lakewood, CO, at Call us at (303) 953-1139 today for more info.

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