Throughout the past few years, finding and recruiting passive candidates has been a divisive topic, with certain recruiting experts strongly supporting the technique and several strongly opposing it. If we’re attempting to construct effective hiring, we’ll require passive applicants, and the notion of recruiting personnel this means seems to be as fundamental as the principle of hiring. There used to be massive marketing options; firms relied on networking or, as we already phrase it, recommendations to get employees.

The question is: does finding passive candidates produce excellent results for a company? Read on and learn more about passive applicants from DTC’s leading recruitment agency.

Passive Candidates: At a Glance

Passive talent recruiting isn’t necessarily the best way of filling every opening. A recruitment agency must know when to utilize it and when not to. Most jobs are taken promptly and effectively by proactive applicants.

Sometimes a position requires particular abilities that might be hard to come by. In those cases, passive seasoned professionals may be your best choice for acquiring the abilities you need. In those cases, a passive candidate is assessed for a position even though s/he is not looking to change jobs or companies. 

Active applicants are actively surfing classifieds, submitting resumes, and browsing digital platforms to identify openings. They may be seeking an employment change or even be jobless.

Passive candidates are in an entirely different world. They don’t think about recruitment sites, and their digital platform usage has little to do with acquiring work. Hence, they typically utilize professional online sites to interact across their business, deepen their knowledge, and meet new people.

Searching for Passive Candidates

Searching for passive prospects involves getting to the appropriate places. Hence, here are some distinct strategies for a recruitment agency looking for great passive individuals to join their companies.

Search Digitally

Starting with networking sites is a terrific idea. However, the online world is vast and expanding. With several networks to choose from, you may end up spending hours researching one network only to learn that your best choice is to use another. Recruiting passive candidates requires working hard to proactively locate the ideal match. There’s little margin for wasting time when selecting the best candidates for a job. Time, after all, is money!

Search Personally

Yes, we exist in a technologically advanced society with all the trappings and shortcuts that come with that. Still, nothing compares to engaging people in real life. Although the people we meet won’t always want to be applicants, there are still opportunities in engaging with them.

Let your network know what skills you’re looking for, and see if people you already know may be good candidates or, more likely, may know some. Also, keep an eye out for networking opportunities specific to the industries you’re hiring for. As the world starts operating more normally, this will be a better and better opportunity. 

Search Internally

Your own employees are often the best source of recruiting information, since they are well-versed in the workplace mission and often already know other people in the industry. Plus, existing employees usually feel like a hiring recommendation reflects on their reputation in the company and are unlikely to bring in poor new hires.


Is it worthwhile for a recruitment agency to pursue passive candidates? Without a doubt! Particularly if you work in a field where there are frequent talent deficits. Understanding how to recruit passive applicants, though, requires patience, planning, and experience. Recruiting passive applicants is a long term element in your strategic plan, not a fast cure for a critical post.

Active or Passive Candidates, We’ve Got Your Back!

Whether you need to fill an open post or have someone temporarily act as a substitute in a position, JC Porter is your best partner in talent acquisition! We are a seasoned recruitment agency with years of experience and happy clients in DTC and other areas in Colorado that trust our professionals. Interested? Call us at (303) 953-1139 or visit our website for more.

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