While there are currently around ten million unfilled jobs in the United States there are only about 8.6 million people seeking work. Job opportunities are out there! Companies are scrambling to fill positions. How do recruitment agencies help them get the best applicants in a market like that? It starts with the job posting.

The Value of Quality Job Posting

Today’s recruiting firms face more obstacles than ever before, so getting the posting right is more crucial than ever. Often, especially in a job seeker’s market like this one, that means a posting has to help lure candidates who already have jobs.  

It’s not as easy as it sounds! Sometimes what feels like a subtle language nuance in a posting can make a big difference in who a job ad attracts. 

Here are a few recommendations for putting up a strong job posting from Arvada’s own recruitment agency, JC Porter. 

What Makes a Great Job Advertisement?

The best recruitment agencies master effective job posting. Here are some tips for writing an effective job posting:

  • Focus on writing a job description that shows prospects an average day in that position. Be as detailed as you can. Anything unusual about the position should be made clear now, not in the interview. By being explicit, you avoid wasting time on tire kickers and misunderstandings.
  • When writing a job advertisement to help a company grow, leave the extras and industry jargon at the door. You may be inclined to make a long checklist of all the talents and duties required for the position, but stick to the essentials. Active applicants in a field of open positions read through a lot of postings, just like companies and hiring firms read a ton of resumes. If you stick to the essentials and disqualifiers, smart candidates will self-select. 
  • COVID-19 has changed the job landscape. Companies have discovered that workers are often happy and effective from home. More and more companies are seeking remote workers, too. If you’re posting a remote position, make sure that language is in the job listing so seekers know right away whether they need to be local to get hired. (And, if the job is local, make sure to include your address!)

Final Thoughts

Before you post a new position, put it away for a while and come back to it, reading it through the eyes of an applicant. Recruiting agencies and candidates have been hit hard by the epidemic, and an empathetic reading may help you write in a way that resonates with seekers  

Learn from the Experts

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