Over the last decade, the recruiting industry has kept up with the change and entirely incorporated the age of technology. We have reached an era of scanning paper resumes and on-call screenings to conduct virtual interviews and emphasize skills assessments. As we unlocked a new decade, these advancements seem to show no signs of slowing. Agencies like The Recruitment Agency in Denver are expected to shape the year with their social expertise and innovations.

Expected Changes In The Field Of Recruitment

The year 2020 expected Gen Z to join the workforce. Gen Z are the youth born between 1996 to 2010 and raised in a technology-driven and dynamic environment. These young people exposed to the internet and social media have gathered a broad spectrum of what to anticipate in the field of work. Gen X and Baby Boomers need to understand their behaviors and beliefs to retain young talent and to create diversity in the workplace. 

What Are The Recruitment Trends Of The New Decade?

Talent acquisition professionals and recruiters have a necessary ritual of going through the internet whenever the trend list changes and floods the web. The change in the demographics of the workforce and also in preferences would modify the way recruiters recruit. Let’s see the following trends that will drive recruitment at a recruitment agency in Denver in 2020:

Checking Predictive Analytics

Advancements in technology help recruiters when looking for talents. Innovations like predictive analytics and recommender systems contribute considerably in the recruiting process of companies. Recruiters can now identify the best matches for a prospective position based on data provided in various factors. Job seekers provide data such as locations, experiences, education completed, and connections that help recruiters gain additional insights into the candidate. The application will generate a list of candidates best qualified for the job and show people who are not actively looking for a job. 

Flexible Work

After COVID-19 became a pandemic, work-from-home set-ups and flexible schedules are among the most sought out benefits that job-seekers are looking for. This information drives the recruiters to see more fully-remote companies. One of the advantages of a company practicing remote work is in gaining a higher number of candidates in the talent pool. They can access globe-wide talent without limiting themselves in exploring due to geographical boundaries. There will be greater use in tools and technologies that will assist recruiters in managing remote teams, including products of work-from-home set-up like virtual offices, augmented reality work environment, and intermediate multimedia communication tools. 

Recruitment on Social Media

There is a report stating that almost 92% of recruiters today use social media as a tool to find the best talent for a particular job position. In the year 2020, most of their potential candidates are found on social media. Nowadays, people have increased activity in mobile usage and skillful online interactions. Recruiters will use social media platforms as an edge to promote and capture the user’s attention. It is now considered acceptable to use tactics like recruiting hashtags and enticing content for their marketing strategy. 

Soft Skills As A Hiring Factor

Merely using the analytics won’t determine if the candidate has soft skills. What are soft skills? These are the simple traits employers look for their new hires such as creativity, power of persuasion, teamwork, collaborative talent, adaptability, and time management. Recruiters may have to change their way of assessment to meet this growing demand. Platforms are now easily accessible for employees in expanding their company’s reach.


A team with a diverse environment performs better. This factor drives the human resources departments and recruitment agencies to designate a specific group to increase the companies’ diversity. Tailoring job postings will have a higher chance of inviting diverse candidates. This can be done by restructuring the tone in job listings to be gender-neutral and promoting the offer in diverse community groups.

JC Porter Is The Perfect Recruitment Agency For You

Hiring in 2020 will have its challenges. That is why keeping up with the current recruitment trends is vital to hiring the perfect talent for a company. JC Porter is a remarkable recruitment agency in Denver, CO, that provides quality service because of our years of expertise. Keep up with the trends and check out JCporter.net, contact us at (303) 953-1139 today!

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