If you find that your HR staff spends too much time going over resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates,it might be time to switch gears and have an employment agency to do it for you. An employment agency will not simply select the most marketable candidates but also recognize the potentiality great ones. Plus, you can offload a lot of paperwork onto the agency! A quick call to JC Porter and help will be on the way when your company needs new hires in Centennial. 

The Ideal Employee for Employment

Taking a closer look from an employment agency’s perspective, the perfect candidate may seem different than what other people think. They possess traits that are often overlooked or even dismissed. Our decades of working in recruitment have helped us discover trends of traits that we look for in applicants. For instance, an ideal employee needs to be an attentive listener. Listening is an important soft skill in the workplace because miscommunication can be so costly. Employment agencies are not looking for flashy presentations. They see the ideal employee as someone who’s real and can cope with the company’s different challenges. 

Qualities To Look For

It is only natural to think about whether the employment agency will truly fit your needs and standards. At first, questions like “Have they interacted with recruiters at various agencies and understood why their process benefits our business needs?” or “Do they have goals for open roles?” come to mind. It all boils down to determining if an employment agency is right for you or not. You can start by narrowing down the qualities you are looking for so that you have a handy checklist when you start scouting.

Here are a few good qualities to keep in mind:

Research Intense

A good employment agency will do their research about your company. They will take the time to collect as much information as possible. Before the face to face consultation, getting to know your managers and your business’ needs allows the agency to understand your goals fully. The principle behind this is that every company is different. No single business has the same needs; that’s why the strategy behind the success is also different. You need an agency that knows you and is capable of delivering expert solutions catered to your own needs. 


To find you the right candidate, an employment agency must know the industry you are in and  be able to break down the position you’re hiring for. Otherwise, it may completely derail the purpose of getting help in the first place. You can tell that someone is an expert in their subject matter if they can simplify complex concepts and find simple, high leverage ways to support you. They are also keen to understand your needs and give you the best support about any matter related to helping you find the next employee. 

Good listener

When you find that the employment agency asks the same questions over again, they are not really listening. A model employment agency takes its time to hear about the things you want to accomplish. After airing out your ideas, they will not pressure you into making swift decisions right away. They analyze, calibrate, and build in time for feedback. What matters the most is the quality of candidates we can match to your wants and needs. 


Communicating with your managers without causing too much disturbance is a good quality to have. Sometimes, companies experience having to deal with agencies that are too focused on getting feedback or more business. In return, the company’s staff are using up their time in calls and meetings. A lot of the time gets wasted. The employment agency should know when to contact you and respect your schedule. 


One of the recruitment nightmares is to have a candidate who looks good on paper but is way different in person. A good employment agency will not pretend that it’s okay to pass a candidate that has fake credentials. They are honest and highly-skilled in checking that the candidate’s resume matches their experience. 

Partner with JC Porter Now

With hundreds of employment agencies out there, it can be a daunting task to find one that will work well with you. Having a list of good qualities on hand can help your process. JC Porter has all of the mentioned qualities and more! Experience high-quality service and years of expertise in just one appointment. Contact us to learn more: https://jcporter.net/contact-us/

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