The pandemic has disrupted the natural flow of our economic progress. Unemployment is up, which means it’s increasingly a hiring manager’s market.  

Getting an interview for a job is going to be tougher than it was not so long ago, at least in most sectors. Work experience is going to be a big differentiator. Recent graduates can’t compete on that count. Employers will have no handshakes and face to face assessment. So these employers are looking for other ways to connect with and test applicants.

COVID-19 Affects Recruitment

Today, out of precaution, job recruitments are rarely handled face-to-face. Companies all over the world are offering work from home. Many companies use live online interviews or recorded video for initial interviews and even onboard new employees digitally. 

Note for Getting Hired During the Pandemic 

The pandemic will not stop companies from searching for applicants. Be prepared.

Clean And Update 

Use your time to clean and update your information online in case your employer does a background check. Update your resume and your professional LinkedIn profile if you have one. Make sure that your social media profiles are cleaned or set to private.  . 

Performing in the Slot 

When you finally secured your slot for your interview, you’d better practice your possible answers. Some employers will want to see the job applicant physically after the online interview, but most will not. Either way, think about how you’ll introduce yourself to your potential employer.Keep in mind to discuss your best work practices from home.  

Ace The Video Interview

Some people say video interviews are harder than face-to-face ones. Be prepared before your online interview. Make sure you keep doors and windows shut to prevent noise. Test your framing, audio, and internet connection. Dress as if you are interviewing in person. Make your engagement as positive as possible. Since it is a video interview, it will be hard for the interviewer to detect your energy and enthusiasm.

Don’t Be Scared Of The Negotiation

You will be asked about your expectations. The topic of your rate and usual workload may be a part of your interview. Whenever this happens, make sure to jot down notes and review it after to check if it is within your expectations. Thus, do not be afraid to negotiate. If you see that the numbers are way off of your ideal rate, consider that it might not be worth it. The worst they can do is say no, right? 

Be Flexible

If you really want a job, you might have to adapt to thrive. Think outside of the box and leave your comfort zone. Invest in yourself by investing in education like  webinars or enrolling in an online degree program. New skills are very handy especially in uncertain economic times like today. This will grant you more job opportunities and also a higher chance of employment. 

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