2020 was full of uncertainty and layoffs, making it even more important for a staffing agency to be resilient. Now is the time for businesses in Arvada to prepare for new challenges. JC Porter is one with you as you move forward and bounce back from what 2020 has brought you. 

Keeping Up with the Economy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people who are not in the labor force and want a job is 2.3 million higher than in February of 2020. Keeping up with that amount of people is overwhelming, especially during uncertain times, where the economy is unstable. Preparing your staffing agency for unprecedented events is one way to be proactive in dealing with economic issues. 

Your Leverage as a Staffing Agency

Every staffing agency that you know is expecting bigger things to happen this year. That’s enough reason to work hard this year to be successful. Invest wisely so you can deliver the best experience to your candidate and clients. JC Porter shares some of the things your company needs to consider. 

Identify Your Needs First

A well thought out recruitment process is important in analyzing the talent you need. Start the process by identifying the gaps in your team. Determine whether they are keeping up with your company’s requirements. Check on your employees. Are they carrying a workload that is affecting their productivity and well being? Track your team’s skills, performance, and ability so you can make changes when something is missing. After a thorough evaluation of all the current positions, decide to open for a vacancy. 

Improve Your Career Site

The first place potential candidates will interact with your business is your career site. Optimizing your company’s career site allows candidates easy access. Making it more appealing and easy to use also increases and extends their time browsing, increasing your chances of a better SEO ranking. With an easy user interface or UI, candidates can create profiles, look for jobs, and apply conveniently. These candidates are applying for numerous jobs and going through complex navigation only pushes them away. After all, nobody wants to lose the best applicants because they can’t easily apply for a job. 

Determine the Best Talent Source

If you want to find the best candidates, identify where these impressive applicants are coming from. Track and review the source of your hired and successful candidates who are performing well and adding value to your company. These sources will allow you to have an idea of where candidates and current employees come from before they landed on your firm. However, these metrics do not only tell you about the history of your employees. You’ll also recognize and avoid the sources of unsuccessful and passive ones for better data and preferences in the future. Using your source of hire data, you’ll get all proactive ideas of where to focus your next talent acquisition. This strategy will enable your team to dwell on more important matters with a laser-like focus.

Elevate Your Hiring Capabilities

The pandemic has driven companies to use a remote work setup, and hiring remotely for most of these enterprises is a pain in the neck. Traditional hiring schemes pose virus transmission, so changing the game won’t place you on the losing end. You must have the ability to put job postings online, interview applicants using current software, and send or receive documents digitally. Consider implementing video call platforms with a credible reputation, so clients will know you’re serious. 

Hire Based on Skills

Skill-based hiring shouldn’t be a trend that goes in and out of the system of a staffing agency. Many employers are looking to find new employees based on their skill set and are staying away from using academic degrees to measure their hireability. Soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving aren’t products of an academic degree. However, these should match your job specifications, and you can verify this in the recruitment process. Identify these skills through behavioral and situational questions during your interviews to better understand the applicant.

Stay on Top with JC Porter

Leveraging where your staffing agency stands in a time of crisis gives you the authority in talent acquisition. Whether in Arvada or nearby, JC Porter has years of experience in helping companies find their most desired talent. Hire your next employees with us today by going to https://jcporter.net/ or call us at (303) 953-1139. 

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