Stuck in a job you can’t love? You are not alone. Almost everyone has been there. If you don’t feel happy in your daily work, it’s hard to find motivation. If that sounds familiar, you might be thinking about shifting careers.

Changing careers to find your passion is a big hope for many people. But it’s hard to want to take risks. What-ifs keep people anxious and afraid of what they might lose in the process. 

Everybody has their own reasons for changing careers. Among them:

  • Better compensation and benefits
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving work-life balance
  • A desire to feel impassioned
  • Growth potential


4 Ladder Steps to a Successful Career Change

Switching careers isn’t all about the risks. If it was, nobody would do it. Of course a successful career shift does not happen overnight. 

Think of it as a journey:


  • Assess your current work position

Weigh the demotivators in your current situation. If you’re unhappy there, there’s a reason. It may be the company culture, a toxic environment, a difficult boss, or a simple lack of upward mobility. Often, the first step to making a smart, healthy career move is giving words to what is making you unhappy (and that will keep you from repeating them). 

Identify all those factors– this will help you realize what you really want, be it a complete career change or just an upgrade.


  • Identify your skills and interest

Once you have assessed your work position and how you want to deal with it, the second thing you’ll have to do is to identify your skills and interests. Think of the things that you enjoy doing. Writing? Fashion? Public speaking? Are you interested in agriculture? Do you like teaching? Are you a salesperson? One of these skills might be the key to your next career. 



  • Elevate your skills

This is something you can do before you start applying for work. Without experience in your about-to-be new field, you want to build up your skills to back you up in your job search. You can take an online course or night classes near you. Right now, the internet sounds with quality digital marketing courses too. For example, Google and other well-known agencies offer free digital courses with certifications. 

With these options, you can grow your skills while buying some time before you proceed to a new chapter of your life. 


  • Look for new job opportunities.

You worked hard to get to this point. Keep after it!

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