Are you a business school graduate looking for growth in Denver? If so, you may have a good chance to find an outstanding career! As an employment agency, JC Porter has seen many candidates who possess the potential for succeeding here. But, not all are sure of what they want to do or where they should start. 

The Skills You Need

To land the job, you need to distinguish yourself from other business graduates. The most important factor is your skills. This is how an employment agency can help you find yours. Fast trackers in the employment process have strong problem-solving, organization, planning, interpersonal, and, most importantly, effective communication skills. 

The Business Roles for You

Business graduates come with valuable skills that can make a great impact in any firm. With so much to offer, it can be hard to find the right career against stiff competition. If you’re ready to take on the corporate world, here’s a list of jobs you may want to consider: 

Account Executive

Account executives are more commonly known as sales agents or sales representatives, depending on the employer’s industry. They can also work virtually as long as they have services and products to sell. Account executives may also prospect new clients, promote the company’s services and products, and negotiate deals, subject to the needs of the company. The desirable qualities for an account executive include  strong interpersonal and communication skills. For an advantage, they also need to have a keen understanding of the competition in the company’s market. Above their base salaries, an account executive can also earn hefty commissions and bonuses. 

Project Manager

A project manager’s main task is to plan, organize, lead, and oversee company project  accomplishment, regardless of the industry type. They must achieve seamless communication while coordinating different teams at once, all while updating the stakeholders of the project’s current state. On the other hand, a project manager must also possess hard skills to analyze progress and results effectively, as well as manage the company’s funds. They should be equipped with technical knowledge of their employer’s industry for a much greater edge. To become one, you may start your career by becoming a project assistant or coordinator first. 

Management Consultant

Management consultants give fact-based recommendations to clients to solve issues or other advice to help them run their firms effectively. They gather company information for an unbiased evaluation. Once these are gathered, they come up with solutions and may help the client implement them. These tasks will test a management consultant’s deepest core skills, but huge financial rewards await. However, this kind of job often comes with long hours of work, and it’s very competitive for most firms at the entry-level.

HR Specialists

HR or human resource specialists work alongside all the human aspects of any business. While the work will depend on the HR department’s size, they often handle recruitment, interviews, and hiring applicants until they become employees. It’s also common for HR specialists to become mediators to employee conflicts and misconduct and to facilitate training and the staff development. These professionals need powerful interpersonal skills as well as a strong grip on analysis and presentation. This is the right career path for those who enjoy interaction with peers. Entry-level applicants can start as HR assistants first to move up with the role. 

Financial Analyst

All businesses require experts in monetary matters. Financial analysts can provide guidance to businesses on their investments or financial decisions. They analyze the potential of investments and reevaluate financial data. Often, these experts work for financial institutions that evaluate second-party clients. Alternatively,you can work as an in-house financial analyst analyzing the finances of one company. Most business majors can excel in this field, but those focused on finance will be in a more competitive position.

Find Your Career Path with JC Porter

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