The past year has been very challenging for firms all over the world. With businesses maneuvering to different styles of operation, some industries have weathered the worst while others didn’t fare well. However, job placement firms are still seeing trends of firms working to acquire talented resources in Arvada. JC Porter,a leading expert in the job placement industry,  sees hope for both applicants and employers in 2021.

New Hope for Applicants

While some companies in different industries have closed their doors or hung on by a thread, others have been able to vigorously carry on. Needless to say, there has been more than a little uncertainty for workers and job seekers alike. Factors in the landscape shifts include blended and work from home programs. Industries that were not severely affected have provided hope for those seeking employment.

A Job Placement Guide for Applicants

Many in the job market right now are thinking about landing a dream job so much as just finding any job they’re a fit for. Everybody is adjusting to the demands of the pandemic. One way job seekers are doing that is by opening themselves up to a wider variety of possibilities.

Here is a list of industries that are thriving and to which a job seeker might consider applying: 


It is no surprise that the healthcare industry is in dire need of new employees this year. Those individuals with backgrounds in medicine or other telehealth operations have a great chance to land a career in a hospital or other private practice this year. Huge companies are looking for nurses to assist incoming ones through telecommunication avenues. This is an opportunity for nurses to train at home without having to risk training in hospitals with patients fighting against the coronavirus. 

Software Development

In the post-pandemic era, the need for software developers will continue to increase. In addition to the obvious skills required for these positions, there are less obvious skills that can help you stand out. The essential skills for software developers include management skills, attention to detail, and specialized  knowledge of various programming languages, algorithms, and data structures. These are only some of the skills you must highlight if you want to land on a software development company. 


Countless businesses dealt with extreme losses in 2020. It is for this reason why they need sales consultants to rev up their incomes. It’s harder this year to maintain sales and improve products when many consumers are now cutting their spending to a minimum. Careers that help businesses rebalance their financial standing rose last year.  


Every tectonic shift in the markets impacts financial institutions. Companies need to bring in analysts to rethink their stuck or even depleted budgets. If you want to get into this field, you must have accounting experience. There are companies across the country that are hiring financial analysts to come up with fact-based recommendations to revitalize their financial performance.  

Mental Health Experts

The “new normal” established by the pandemic hasn’t been easy for almost anyone. Dealing with isolation and the distance between families has been hard to cope with, and many people are reaching out to mental specialists, even though that’s often not the easiest thing to do. Jobs that specialize in mental health have shot up in 2020 and are increasing this year. People with education and expertise in behavioral health are vital.

Health institutions are offering virtual jobs where people can work with a team of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, all prepared to see patients on a favorable schedule. And because care and the work to support it is often virtual, care is now available to clients in places where access was previously more limited. 

Get an Expert Advice from JC Porter

This year is full of uncertainties for workers, but don’t give up! When you trust a reliable job placement service like JC Porter, you can get help finding your future job. Work with us now in Arvada, and we’ll be glad to help you! Go to to sign up. Call (303) 953-1139 for more information.

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