You finally made up your mind, and now you want to quit the job you hate and pursue your dream career. Perhaps you’re looking for a new company that offers better pay and benefits. The problem is that you don’t know how to break it to your boss. You might be afraid that the manager won’t accept your resignation letter or that if they know you’re looking they’ll just fire you. So now you’re lost and confused about whether you should stick to your plan or settle for your current job for a while longer. Don’t lose hope! JC Porter, a recruitment agency in Denver, offers confidential job seeker assistance. The process doesn’t have to be daunting; we can help you seek a job without your current employer knowing.  

First, Don’t Quit your Job Right Away!

There are a lot of reasons why people quit their job. But, do not be so quick to resign. You have to leave your current employer on good terms so that the transition to new employment will be as smooth as it should be. Don’t quit without a new job waiting for you. Remember you have bills to pay, and you can’t be unemployed for a long time.  

The Steps to Take When Hunting for a New Job 

The idea of a career change can be exciting!  But there are a few things you should consider. Most job experts would tell you to start searching while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must look carefully. Consider the following tips from a recruitment agency when looking for a job while still employed.

Update the privacy settings of your LinkedIn profile

Make sure that your privacy settings so that each update is not broadcasted to your entire network. If your current employer monitors your page, never indicate that you are looking for a new opportunity (and if you don’t know, then assume they are monitoring!). Do make sure that your profile is otherwise 100% complete. Keep in mind that a recruiter will look for your up-to-date profile.   

Do not use the company’s computer in your job search.

Your employer can track what you do on your office computer. Never use it to look for a new career. After all, it is not ethical to use a company PC for your personal use.  

Schedule interviews during your off or non-work hours

Manage time wisely and do not compromise your work schedule to attend an interview. As much as possible, schedule the interview during your non-work hours. Schedule a PTO day if you must. Stay productive through your very last shift. 

Don’t  tell your colleagues about your job hunt.

Be careful when talking to your colleagues. If you feel the need to tell anyone about your search, share it with only your most trusted friends and set the clear expectation that the information is not for the public. You might find it hard to leave on a good note if the manager finds out from your office mates instead of hearing it directly from you.

Be honest when confronted, then leave professionally.

As people say, honesty is the best policy. Once everything is ready, you should tell your manager about your plan to leave the company. This way, they can make arrangements and the business can look for a replacement ahead of time. By doing this, you are not just saving the business. You are also keeping a good relationship with your current employer and protecting your reputation.

 JC Porter is More Than Just a Recruitment Agency in Denver

You have the right to chase your dreams and apply for a job that will make you happier. However, it helps to consider the tips mentioned above to avoid any trouble. Besides, it’s just good business to practice good values and ethics.

Here at JC Porter as a recruitment agency, we don’t just help employers hire the perfect candidates. We also guide aspiring applicants to excellent job opportunities. We deeply value confidentiality, and so you can be sure that the information you share with us will be kept 100% discreet. Send us a message today at or call (303) 953-1139. We would love to help you land your dream career!

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