With the global pandemic continuing, everything remains virtual – even recruitment. Of course, virtual recruitment is not new. Many businesses and recruitment agencies use different social media platforms to acquire talent. Really, especially the current environment, it is practical for a headhunter to focus on these channels for quicker, easier hiring.

Let’s look at social media recruitment, the advantages of social media for strategic recruitment, and the most beneficial social media recruitment methods.

What is Social Media Recruitment?

Social media recruitment is currently one of the most effective talent acquisition methods. A headhunter uses various social media platforms to post job openings and look for potential candidates.

73 percent of applicants aged 18 to 34 got their latest job via social media. On the other hand, those who employed social media to recruit instead of traditional recruitment methods discovered 49 percent better applicant quality than other recruiters. These numbers show how powerful social media is for recruitment agencies and headhunters alike.

Why Social Media Recruitment?

Social media has evolved as probably the best channel for employment for many reasons. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others are accessible for both a recruitment agency and an applicant. Moreover, the social media realm gives headhunters an edge in targeting the right people because of the ability to profile applicants. 

Here are some of the other benefits that social media presents.


According to a recent study, 44 percent of job seekers search or find out about job openings through social media platforms in 2021. This detailed research shows that many people rely on social media to find work.  


An employer benefits from social media because of its capability to showcase a brand. Research suggests that Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media sites for learning about company culture and employer brand. In fact, the same study shows that 33 percent of job seekers learn about an employer’s company culture or brand through their social media.


77 percent of employees are likely to share their employers’ job openings via social media. Referral programs and incentives play a huge role in this. For headhunters, it becomes faster to approach many candidates because of the widespread sharing of job openings through social media.

Final Thoughts

Social media hiring takes time, but it can also improve employer/hire matches, resulting in an increase in the number and quality of applicants a company finds. Thus, it is beneficial to exert effort and time in realizing these methods.

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