Staying at one job for too long can be exhausting and leave employees feeling lost and unfulfilled. It could be from a lack of recognition, low income, little opportunities, unreasonable workload, or even an unhealthy environment. Having a lack of purpose and meaning can ignite a hateful feeling towards work. And it’s not easy to move on to another job. 

Job hunting is inherently stressful, but with a full-time job in the equation, it can feel like you are on a secret mission. Once your boss discovers your job hunting escapades, you may be at risk for termination– so, it is best to have a concrete plan. The best strategy is to conduct your job search entirely invisible from your current employer. If you are ready to take the risk, a confidential job search is your ticket to land the position you want without causing problems at your current job. 

The Struggles of a Stealth Job Search

Keeping things private creates new difficulties for many job seekers. In today’s generation, we have the privilege of accessing pieces of information through the Internet and various social media platforms. Of course, that also serves as a doorway for your employer and colleagues to discover your job hunting process. If you are an incautious job seeker, the news of you looking for a new job can spread quickly. Once people find out, you may lose their trust, which may affect your reputation and your career.

Moreover, as a full-time employee, your employer expects you to accomplish the tasks assigned to you. So you need to spend most of your time in the office which gives you limited time to look for a new job. While some pitfalls are beyond your control, paying close attention to others can improve the chances of avoiding disaster. 

What not to do as you Proceed with Your Confidential Job Search

We understand that job searching in private can be both necessary and terrifying. To help you avoid tarnishing your image and inviting backslash from your employer, here are few reminders to take into consideration:

  • Avoid using your employer’s resources to look for work.

From your work email address to the company Wi-Fi, refrain from using work resources to applying at a different company. More often than not,  your employers are capable of tracking your activity at work– plus you still have a job to do. So, using personal accounts and gadgets is the way to go towards your new company. 

  • Do not post resume on job sites

Your resume indicates how your potential employer will perceive you as one of their prospected employees. While your resume is a tool for marketing yourself, nothing kills a confidential job search faster than several messages and voicemails from recruiters. To avoid blowing your cover, you can post your resume on job sites where you can maintain the confidentiality of your employer and contact information.  


  • Be discreet in your office

Going out during office hours to attend job interviews or even dressing differently could raise suspicions at your company. You can schedule meetings during your lunch hour or after work, and if you do take time off schedule one or two interviews on the same day. However, if leaving early or for lunch breaks isn’t feasible at your workplace, it is imperative to make yourself available to make a career move.  


  • Do not drop hints to your colleagues

Although some of your co-workers can help, there is also a chance that they could jeopardize your job search. Telling one person is often the same as broadcasting it to everyone. It is unsatisfying to stay quiet about your search, but it is crucial to be cautious about whom you choose to confide in. 


  • Constrain from making your job search public 

From your social media accounts to job boards, it is essential to keep a low electronic profile for your stealth job search. Careless use of social media and email often exposes job seekers. With a simple status update on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even in an email, your entire job application process could go wrong.

Maintaining a confidential job search requires a lot of effort and time. All the precautions in the world don’t guarantee a foolproof result– and they could backfire on you. It’s best if you take extra measures to be invisible to your current employer and set your online visibility to only a selected few. If you need additional advice for your job search, connect with us today at (303) 953-1139 to maximize your attractiveness to potential employers and get the best opportunities in your industry.

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