With over 575 million users, LinkedIn has become the largest professional network in the world. Its reach is just one of the reasons that it is highly effective when it comes to helping professionals in different industries to stay connected.  

LinkedIn serves as an avenue to get your face and name in front of thousands of potential employers in your industry. Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to look for top candidates who fit their requirements and job specifications. While LinkedIn is a useful networking tool, it is not easy to distinguish yourself from the sea of billion users who are also trying to stand out. Since you are not alone in this social media platform, you need to grab the attention of recruiters and be visible more than your competitors. It is vital to have a winning profile description to boost your online presence. So how do you make your profile stand out from the competition?

LinkedIn 101: Why You Should Be In LinkedIn

Whether you are an aspiring full-time employee, startup owner, or freelancer, having a LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your business or career. 

Hiring managers and recruiters are on LinkedIn to discover talent and search for potential job candidates. Even if you are currently working at a company, being on LinkedIn ensures that you don’t miss a better opportunity. Moreover, you can also investigate companies and recruiters on this platform before submitting an application or showing up for an interview. 

Another reason why you should be on LinkedIn is connections. Like other social media channels, this open platform allows you to reach beyond your regular circle of influence and build a virtual network of contacts. You can connect with other professionals in the same industry and meet potential partners to grow your business or career.  

Regardless of which industry you are in or what you do, LinkedIn is an excellent channel for marketing yourself. 

How to make a winning LinkedIn profile?

Here are five simple tips for crafting a winning LinkedIn profile in less than ten minutes. 


  • Post a professional headshot

According to LinkedIn, recruiters are 14 times more likely to view profiles with professional headshots than those without a profile picture. Add a headshot that fits with who you are and what you do to convey your charisma, empathy, passion, and other soft skills that are difficult to communicate through words.  


  • Write a snappy headline

By default, LinkedIn uses your current job title as your headline. You have 120 available characters to use, so don’t waste this valuable space! Think of it as an advertisement that showcases what you can bring to the table. Add an attribute that can grab the attention of potential clients and employers and help you stand out from other job seekers. 

For instance, instead of settling with “Executive Assistant,” why not spice it up a little with “Executive Assistant with 23 years of experience supporting Presidents, CEOs, and other key leaders.”


  • Create a customized URL

The default URL of your LinkedIn profile contains your name and gibberish numbers on it. However, the combination of texts and number figures does not look appealing, so why not customize it? Change your current public profile URL to an address that best reflects your professional, branded self. 


  • Publicize your profile

If you are a job seeker, there’s no point in making your profile private. After creating your LinkedIn profile, make it public so that recruiters and hiring managers will know that you are open to contact. Review your account settings and make sure that your profile is visible to the public so you show up in searches. 


  • Request for a Recommendation

Building online trust and maximizing your footprint across the web requires referrals, recommendations, and testimonials. Employers will want to know if other people have approved of your work. Don’t be afraid of asking for letters of recommendation to your past or current colleagues or supervisors. 

Whether you’re a young professional or business owner, LinkedIn may help you. However, it’s not enough just to have a profile. You can do a few things to make that profile work hard for you. If you want job posters or recruiters to know that you’re open to opportunities, let JC Porter help you set up your profile and land your dream job! Call (303) 953-1139 today. 

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