Job creation may be lackluster nationally, but in the city of Denver, temporary workers are booming. They are becoming a fixture in a competitive labor market where high-paying positions are scarce. As the holiday season approaches, the demand for seasonal and temporary workers is on the rise. Whether you’re part of a restaurant or an accounting firm, you can’t predict when your company might need some extra hands. When some businesses experience a spike in the workload, they need short-term support to help them manage additional work. So they use the services of temporary workers to cope with work fluctuation and unexpected peaks. 

Many companies today turn to temporary workers to fill their recruitment needs. They  realize the value of these temp workers, which have begun to make up the more significant part of the overall labor market. Whether you’re stocking up on employees for the holiday rush or hiring staff for a particular short-term project, temporary hires can help your company in several ways. 

Why Businesses Hire Temporary Employees

Finding employees who suit your company’s vision and mission is always a challenge. But in the new reality of today’s ever-evolving labor market, many businesses hire temporary employees for several reasons.

Contrary to common belief, temporary staff members are not inexperienced job seekers who can’t find a permanent job. They are professionals who have the skills and knowledge to work in different sectors. Bringing in a temporary worker can fill a gap quickly without a long-term commitment.

Traditionally, companies seek temporary help when they need replacement to cover for the position of a permanent staffer who is away due to illness, jury service, vacation, or maternity leave. This way, companies can fulfill ever-changing staffing needs by adding or deducting support as needed without paying full-time salaries and making distressing layoffs. 

Nevertheless, it is imperative that you not rush your hiring process for temp workers just for efficiency’s sake.

How Temporary Workers Help Your Business 

But first: how can temporary workers help your company thrive in your industry? Aside from their distinct advantage – their flexibility, here are some other positives of bringing in temporary workers to your business: 

  • They can save time and money. 

While the logistics of temporary workers differ from company to company, the process can be more cost-effective than making a permanent hire. The cost of recruiting temporary workers is cheaper than committing to permanent employees with perks and benefits. But make sure to study the numbers– there can be other factors to consider. 

  • They can boost your staff’s morale.

When the workload is forcing your employees to work double shifts, work every night and weekends, and take on extra roles, morale can suffer. They can become exhausted, stressed, and disgruntled in the process, and burned out,  overworked employees might look for new opportunities elsewhere. With extra help during your company’s busy period, you can guarantee that your workplace stays warm and productive. 

  • They provide companies access to new, specialized skills.

Temporary staffing can bring a new set of skills and perspectives that improve the labor force’s efficiency and streamline production. If there is a new project that requires skills outside your workforce’s expertise, temporary workers can do wonders in fulfilling the role. 

  • It can lead to a long-term relationship and meaningful hires.

Finding the right fit for your workplace is not an easy task, and making bad hires can be costly. But with temporary employees, you can evaluate their performance over an extended period without commitment. It is a way of getting work done while you search for the most suitable candidate. 

  • They can fill short-term job vacancies.

When one of your employers calls in sick, goes on emergency leave, takes a vacation, or even quit without notice, it can leave you with short-term vacancies. Hiring temporary staff can ensure productivity and efficiency.


The truth is that the hiring process for temporary workers is as complex as bringing in permanent staff. You can bring in temporary hires on your own using standard recruiting methods like advertising, or you can use an agency for your temporary hiring needs. Whether you need one worker or a team of experts, choosing the right temporary-employee relationship can ensure that your 2020 is a success. If you want to learn whether temporary help is a viable staffing solution for your business, call JC Porter’s experts at (303) 953-1139!

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