A staffing agency is a business that connects employers with job candidates. It is also refer to as a search firm, recruiting agency, or staffing service. You might be able to connect with numerous hiring managers who are trying to fill their job opportunities in DTC.

So how do staffing companies such as JC Porter operate, and how can they aid you in pursuing your career goals? Here are some insights for job seekers so they will have an objective on what they should do, what to anticipate, and how to maximize their interaction with a staffing agency.

Difference Between Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

The distinction between staffing agency and recruitment is that hiring involves finding talent for a full-time position. In contrast, using a staffing firm to provide temporary labor is staffing.


There are numerous recruitment agencies in DTC. They often charge a portion of the hire’s pay. After gathering resumes, conducting interviews, and screening candidates, the hiring company approves the hiring decision. The agency’s work is complete after the hiring company accepts and hires the recruit.

Staffing Agency

Meanwhile, a staffing agency fills the gap when a client firm needs many people but lacks the capital or resources to cover all the costs associated with recruiting an employee. Staffing offers client’s temporary personnel that might specialize in their needs and sometimes charges them an hourly rate agreed upon in the contract.

The Steps of the Staffing Process

Filling and maintaining roles in the organizational structure is refer to as the managerial function of staffing. It is accomplished by determining the needed number of workers, making a list of the people who are already employed, and then hiring, choosing, promoting, appraising, planning the careers of, compensating, and otherwise developing both candidates and current employees so that they can carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. The following procedures are involve in staffing.


Estimating the number of employees the organization will need in each position is include in the term “staff member planning.”. It depends on the business’s size and the policies it adheres to. Planning for human resources is the process of making sure there are enough skilled workers at any given time for each position so that the work continues as efficiently as possible.

Selection and Recruitment

The recruitment process is finding suitable employees for a company and persuading them to apply for open jobs inside the company, while the selection process is shortlisting potential applicants and rejecting those who are unsuitable for the open positions in the organization. 

Educating and Developing

Training is a crucial component of recruiting since it keeps workers inform about how things are done in an organization. Newer technologies will also evolve due to technological advancements, necessitating staff stays informed on those developments.

Operation and Evaluation of Performance

It deals with evaluating the work done by the employees of an organization. Performance evaluation displays how effectively an employee is carrying out his duties and other requirements for the position. 

Choosing the Staffing Agency in DTC

Staffing agencies use recruitment software to handle both regular employment and temporary staffing. Scheduling a consultation with one of our JC Porter sales specialists can help meet the needs of your company whether it is a short-term or permanent position you are seeking. Call us at (303) 953-1139.

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