Great companies have at least one thing in common: They hire great people. Because they’re hard to find, those people are in high demand. One effective strategy to find and hire them is to hire a headhunter. A headhunter’s job is to help companies find the best candidates for their open positions. Headhunters, sometimes called “executive recruiters,” may work independently or as members of agencies. 

Professional Headhunters in Denver 

Denver’s JC Porter is a team of professional headhunters that can help you find and recruit great talent. Headhunters specialize in analyzing a company’s culture and needs and then finding the ideal people for those roles.  

Are you considering a headhunter? Here’s a guide to help.

Qualities you Need to Look for in a Headhunters

Understanding of the Business Environment

Digitalization and technological advancement create a challenge for recruiters of all stripes. Headhunters know today’s business environment, giving your company an edge over in-house HR staff doubling in three other roles (besides recruiting) at competitors’ companies.  


An excellent headhunter has the quality to attract potential candidates who are really qualified and has the qualities a company is looking for. Having good sales skills is important because that is where headhunters stand out. How will you know? It’ll start with how they work with you. A good headhunter will predict your needs and guide the process without making you feel like you’re buying a used car.

Communication Skills

Excellent headhunters ask the right questions, starting with when they meet you and through candidate selection and interviews. A good communicator will also build out a compelling job description and keep your company informed.

JC Porter’s Professional Headhunter in Denver

You can count on JC Porter if you’re looking for a good headhunter in the Denver area. Our agency recruits and trains excellent headhunters and understands the business climate of the Front Range. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies find the best people to fill the right roles.

Our agency is reliable because we set effective recruitment goals and processes early to help you find and contact potential applicants. To partner with JC Porter, contact us at (303) 953-1139 or message us through our website to discuss how we can help you attract the right talent for your business and meet your business goals.

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