Over the years, Denver has served as an active and outdoor-oriented county. This is due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the 300-day of sunshine per year. Its combined reputation as an outdoor mecca and business center is one of the reasons why several tourists take a glimpse of its bustling neighborhoods filled with high-end restaurants and contemporary art galleries and then move in. Moreover, Denver has a blazing economy which shows no sign of slowing with its rock bottom unemployment rate and booming real estate market. It supports several fast-growing industries that continuously redefine its economy.

One key industry that plays a crucial role in targeting the county’s economic development efforts is financial services. The Mile High City entices all kinds of professionals seeking to make a career transition in the financial industry. Of course that all create a lot of competition for people trying to get work in Denver’s financial sector. Thus, applicants are looking for ways to stand out from their competition and demonstrate the unique skills they can contribute to a potential employer. Often, they work with the best finance and accounting recruiters in Denver for help connecting to opportunities.

What is the Role of a Finance and Accounting Recruiter?

As a great place to live and work, Denver currently enjoys high demand for positions and a surge in corporate recruiters in the finance and accounting field. You might wonder, “what does a finance and accounting recruiter do?” Like any other recruiters, they are responsible for outsourcing candidates and screening placements. They also draw on the skills of the applicants to help companies find the right candidate for the position. Some recruiters in the finance and accounting field deal with private equity, investments, and hedge funds. While others represent a cross-section of industries including IT, oil and gas, and consumer products. High-stakes situations are widespread in the finance industry. This is the reason why recruiters must build relationship and trust with their clients through honest and professional consulting. It is by delivering high-quality candidates who do more than meet some requirements.   

The Five Things to Ponder to Get Noticed By Recruiters

Whether a job seeker is actively searching for a new job or just wants to get the latest updates on potential opportunities, standing out among competitors attracts the attention of the best recruiters. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight. Here are five things job seekers should remember if they hope to get headhunted by recruiters:

  • Reformat Your Resume

A unique, well-written resume highlighting your essential skills and qualifications can give the applicants the advantage when they apply for a job. For instance, some accounting professionals create their resumes with some sections compiled into tables. But, the most applicant–tracking systems like SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, and Jobscience have trouble reading embedded design elements, tables, and symbols. To avoid the disappearance of your resume into the black hole of the application process, explain your skills, strengths,  and other impressive characteristics in bulleted formats. After which, elaborate your education and experience.

  • Build a Personal Brand

The personal brand of job seekers can give them an edge on their peers. Thus, it can also draw the attention of recruiters. Placing each element of the resume into the appropriate sections of your social media profile creates a well-rounded personal brand. It gives recruiters a better sense of your personality and may set you apart from your competitors.

  • Avoid Badmouthing Former Employers

Generally, potential employers do not want job seekers who speak ill of their former employers. Job seekers should be honest why they are no longer employed, but they need to put a neutral to a positive spin on their reasons to avoid leaving a bad taste in the recruiter’s mouth.

  • Address Red Flags

For any recruiters, gaps in work experiences and choppiness on resumes are red flags. If your resume shows that you had three jobs in two years, it is essential to highlight the reasons for your departures. Moreover, do not forget to emphasize if a former manager rehired you at another company since it can reflect positively in the eyes of the recruiter.

  • Meet Your Recruiter

Once you have established your online presence and created a well-crafted resume, the finance and accounting recruiters may already connect with you. Submitting your resume to recruiting agencies and attending job fairs in the industry can make a good first impression.   

The finance and accounting world is competitive today, and it is not easy to get headhunted by top recruiters. Apply these useful tips to polish your pitch and online presence. If a job in the world of financial services interests you, then let the team of finance and accounting recruiter at JC Porter place you among top-tier candidates and many accomplished and trusted accounting professionals. Work with our staffing firm today by calling us at (303) 953-1139.

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