Finding work with an employer that’s a great fit can be hard. Dealing with a “no” from a good fit can be tough too! Today we’re sharing a few tips on how to pass your interview and some best practices for handling job rejection, brought to you by the finest Job Placement Experts in Lakewood, CO – JC Porter.

Tips for Passing Your Interview

It is critical to dress appropriately, regardless of whether your interview is face-to-face or online. Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s safest to dress conservatively. Dressing well gives recruiters a clear sense that you are a serious candidate.

Before you show up, make sure to research the company and the position you applied for. If you are knowledgeable about the company’s background, mission and vision, values, you’ll stand out and feel more comfortable talking about the role– and that confidence will come through! 

How to Manage Job Rejection

When you’re invested in a role you apply and interview for, rejection can sting. How do you overcome that and move on to the next one feeling just as strong?  

Learn from the Experience of Job Rejection

It’s not the end of the world. People in recruiting see a lot of applicants- and though a “no” may not feel great, there’s  usually something to learn for the next. 

How do you learn from that experience? First, commit to not beating yourself up. Find no more than two questions you feel like you could improve your responses on, write that out, and move on to the next opportunity! You never know what’s around the corner.

Never Bad-Mouth a Company that Refused to Hire You

It is natural to feel bad and anxious when you fail to impress in an interview. Saying bad things to others about the company that didn’t take you is just bad form, and it can make you look bad. 

If they refused to hire you, think again. Most companies put applicants who passed initial screening but didn’t get hired the first time on a shortlist, and recruiters often rely on re-contacting the same jobseekers when they have another relevant opening. So, again, never bad-mouth a company that refused to hire you. Word gets around, and who knows? You might hear from them again.

Final Thoughts

Look at rejections as chances to develop your awareness about yourself and to develop your capacity to rebound from setbacks. Do your best to stay positive and make every effort to learn from the situation to equip yourself for the next chance.

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