With hundreds and even thousands of applicants vying for positions, recruiters had to learn how to cope with the influx. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) make it easier to scan through large numbers of applications quickly. But what does it mean for an applicant or an employment agency? How can they keep up? If you ask JC Porter’s experts in the placement industry, there are still ways to get found among all those other applicants getting sorted by ATS. We’ll discuss it with you one by one. 

What is an ATS?

The applicant tracking system, or ATS as it is commonly called, is HR software acting as the database of all job applicants for a particular company. Firms use this to sort, find, and communicate with large pools of applicants. It is estimated that 99% of the world’s biggest companies use and develop an ATS and integrate it with their recruitment strategies. Their main goal is to make work easier for recruiters, especially those hiring multiple positions at once and receiving hundreds of applications. This makes searching easier while saving time and avoiding costly human error.

How You Can Get Past Through the ATS

Getting past the ATS might be tricky, but there are still ways to get through it effectively.

JC Porter suggests these: 

Apply to jobs you’re qualified for

The reason most recruiters skip applications comes down to one single reason: Most of them aren’t qualified for the job vacancy. Some have zero relevant experience. To avoid being discarded, ensure you’re qualified for the vacancy. This doesn’t mean that you need only apply for a job where you have identical background. Career changers need to get good at tying relevant experience from other fields to the requirements of new work they apply for. 

Input the right keywords

One of the quickest ways ATS filters a huge pool of applicants is through specified keywords. The recruitment team usually decides what specific keywords the ATS should discard or accept. This involves, but is not limited to, experiences, skills, qualifications, or qualities written in the resume. There are cases where ATS only scans for exact matches. So, if you have the right experience but wrote it in language the ATS doesn’t recognize, you might not make it through the scan. For instance, if you write CPA but the system requires a Certified Public Accountant, the system might just drop your chance. To avoid this, match your resume to what’s written in the job description if you are in doubt. 

Choose the appropriate file format

Most ATS accept only DOCX or PDF files. The latter is best to keep the format of your resume intact, but most ATSs precisely examine the DOCX. If you want to be sure the ATS reads everything in your resume, use DOCX format. Make sure to follow directions if the recruiter specifies a format, though. And if you’re thinking about using an app or a site to build your resume, have them checked first. You can also create one using Google Docs, then download it in any of those two formats for free. 

Avoid fancy formats

You may need to get rid of the fancy resume templates and the customized resume if you want to get through the ATS. Experienced HR managers and any employment agency will tell you that too much creativity on the resume makes it hard for an ATS to read. It’s challenging for the recruiter, too! For an ATS to properly scan your resume, they first need to convert it into a text-only file. In the end, all the fancy designs will only get lost. And worst, it won’t be able to correctly organize your information. 

Never trick the ATS

Desperation may have brought applicants to tweak resumes and try to fool the ATS through keyword pasting in white, repeating keywords, copying the entire job description in white, etc. However, these tricks are easily discoverable by any ATS because they display all texts in the same color afterward. Those tactics just make it look like you’re not capable of the job and that the job is not for you. Instead, you can include a keyword-rich CV outline that will put your skills in the proper context (but don’t be redundant!).

Achieve Your Goals with JC Porter

Get past the ATS with the help of the expert employment agency, JC Porter. Here, we’ll guide you, build your resume, and carefully help you land the job you dream of. Whether you’re living in Centennial or nearby, we’ve got your back! Contact us today through https://jcporter.net/contact-us/ or call (303) 953-1139 for more info. 

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