As your business grows, it is inevitable that you would need to hire more staff. In a competitive employment market, selecting the right employees might not be as easy as you first thought. In a dynamic working environment such as Denver, finding the best candidates can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you can always seek for the help of a  professional staffing agency in Denver. However, as a prospective employer, it is your utmost responsibility to find the best one that can manage the entire process in a streamline way.

To help you choose a staffing agency that can deliver your best interest, here are five questions you need to ask.

  • How do you choose potential candidates from a pool of resumes?

Everyone would agree that one of the most cumbersome parts of a recruitment process is to choose the candidates that stand out from hundreds of other aspiring job seekers. With the availability of templates and online resources, resumes and CVs often look similar and finding gems among the rocks can be extremely difficult. However, a recruitment agency with an in-depth knowledge will have their unique method of analyzing resumes on the table. Their experience will help them see beyond what’s written. Moreover, if a recruitment agency tells you that a cover letter is more relevant than a resume, then they may be a good fit. It means they’ve given significant value to a candidate’s personality and have taken the time to assess this candidate can deliver the skills and services you require.

  • How do you select your recruiters and employees?

Getting an idea of how a staffing agency hires their employees is a must. What are their requirements for hiring a recruiter? A reliable staffing agency shouldn’t be good at hunting and hiring talents only. Everyone within their team must be knowledgeable of the industry. Pay attention to their employees while you are in their office. Do they look efficient and happy? An agency that knows how to nurture its employees and provides a pleasant working environment can easily evoke commitment, passion, and integrity.

  • Have you worked for another familiar company as mine?

While it’s true that every company has its specific needs and demands, working with a staffing agency who has worked within your industry is a big plus. It means they know your market well. In short, they’ll have a good idea of what is required to find you the best candidates in a quick amount time.

  • What is your service fee process?

It is of utmost importance to be aware of how an agency will bill you before you commit. How much will the process cost you? There are some who would require a retainer. Immediate payments or terms? Furthermore, make sure to clarify agreements during special circumstances such as if the newly hired employee suddenly leaves the job after a short period.

When it comes to choosing a staffing agency in Denver, always keep in mind that your business is only as good as the workforce behind it. It’s worth noting that the first step in hiring the right people is finding the right staffing agency for the process. You’ll need to find competent and efficient employees, who will not only be able to help you drive your business towards success, but will fit in with your company’s culture.

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