Whether you’re looking for a direct-hire, temp job, or full-time position, you might want to explore working with a recruitment or staffing firm to identify suitable openings. Doing this might save you time, especially if you are working full-time and looking for an opportunity to switch jobs. There is a staffing agency in Centennial, CO, who can help you.

Nonetheless, asking “Which hiring method is best for me?” is important, especially when hunting jobs in Centennial, CO. Let’s assess direct-hire vs. staffing agencies to guide you in answering this question.

Should You Directly Send Your Application to a Company?

Direct hire roles are frequently long-term or permanent with fixed wages. It also has paid leave, and benefits such as pension plans and medical insurance. Although a staffing agency may conduct the screening and recruitment, you still report directly to the employer when you accept a job offer.

Since your prospective employer is committed to long-term employment and relationship with staff, the direct hiring process might take longer than a quickly occupied temporary post. Direct hiring is also known as direct placement. A staffing agency coordinates work on behalf of its client to identify, evaluate, and recruit qualified personnel through direct hire. Direct hiring is often used to cover full-time positions, although it may also employ part-time positions.

How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

The job hunt may be a stressful experience. It may be much more difficult if you haven’t sought a new job in a long time. Finding vacant positions, evaluating businesses, and scheduling interviews might feel like a full-time job itself. A staffing agency, often known as a recruitment, hiring, or staffing service, is a business that connects employers with job hunters.

By submitting an application to a staffing agency, you get the opportunity to network with several prospective employers. They are the ones who are seeking the ideal candidates for their vacant positions. You can save time, reduce hassle, and discover options and opportunities that, in many cases, you would not have discovered on your own.

When you work with a staffing agency in Centennial, the application process is similar to looking for a job on your own; however, after the agency has conclude that you are a good fit for a role, it will use its relationships in your field to look for vacant openings that match your credentials and interests. Recruitment agencies with many connections sometimes have a lot of industry connections. They know about job vacancies that aren’t publish online — which is a big plus for you!

Get That New Job in Fewer, Easier Steps with JC Porter

Although hunting for new work might be stressful, you are in control. You decide how much time and attention you put into your job hunt. Such as updating your CV for each position you go for and establishing your professional brand through your social media accounts. Make the most of every asset within your reach. Considering that businesses frequently resort to staffing agencies to discover individuals for permanent and seasonal or project-based employment. Consider signing up through a staffing agency like JC Porter, which has access to many job openings all year round.

Contact JC Porter and get a start with your job hunt today. There are numerous job openings in Centennial, CO, and we’re ready to connect you! Call us at (303) 953-1139 or email info@jcporter.net for more information.

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