Efficient, effective talent acquisition is paramount in this competitive labor market. Traditional staffing agencies and Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPO) compete for a lot of the same business as more enterprises outsource to other organizations for quality results. 

JC Porter has been in the business a long time and has seen these changes in talent acquisition develop. Today, we continue to help companies look for the best candidates and help applicants land their dream jobs.

The Need for External Firms

It is challenging to find qualified candidates for small companies and big enterprises alike. The many processes, from reviewing applications to negotiating salaries, can be time and talent intensive, and those factors translate to real money costs over time. Instead, employers often partner with external organizations to keep up with and balance their focus on more essential matters. With all that in mind, here are still questions to answer to find a fit for these firms’ services.

Do you need full-time employees? Do you need hiring reports after the acquisition? How large is the talent pool? Clarity on these types of considerations leads to better hiring results.  

RPO s vs Staffing Agencies

There are countless recruitment solutions to choose from,and different needs require different firm types. Firms’ methods and approaches vary enormously. Choosing a traditional staffing agency or a Recruitment Process Outsourcing will offer different advantages, though both have capabilities to find you candidates for vacancies

Here are a few differences between them: 

Driven Recruitment

Recruitment process outsourcing companies serve dynamic talent acquisition solutions to optimize hiring strategies and connect them with other company goals. Hence, as specialists, RPOs offer career branding, labor force planning, talent consultation, and data analysis, among other functions. Integrating all of these services with the RPO’s recruitment solution can help make strategic recruitment both easier and faster. This comes with advanced data and reporting to improve hiring processes. Conversely, a traditional staffing agency may be more reactive and serve best to turn to on a contingency basis.

Applicant and Candidate Quality

RPOs establish deep relationships with their clients’ devoted human resource recruitment teams. Hence, RPO specialists immerse themselves in their client’s customs and simulate their branding. This fully enables them to learn the core competencies of the application portrayals. They also conduct regular feedback to develop further dynamic recruitment methods to allow recruitment teams to engage with both active and passive candidates. This results in providing an optimized talent search while reducing the time it takes to fill positions. 


RPO firms are proactive partners and extend their services to manage the beginning-to-end recruitment cycles of their clients. In addition to that they consider and care for their client’s brand and HR plans and even establish new trends.

Compared to a staffing agency, these firms are experts who equip their clients at their cores and help them improve their related HR programs at the same time as assisting them with hiring. Hence, this systems-integration approach makes RPOs a high-powered tool for the enterprises that hire them. Alternatively, staffing agencies lim talent search and acquisition. 


RPO gives the opportunity for companies to scale down their services das they satisfy client needs. That means they may start out more expensive than a traditional recruitment agency, but that they often pay for themselves by introducing efficiencies as they work their way out of certain needs for their services. Having long-term partners can also increase the quality of candidates in the long run. This, too, will reduce costs by reducing poor hiring choices and turnover.

However, a staffing agency might also be worth the cost depending on the situation and position. If a company needs a quick hire or needs someone for a temporary job, a staffing agency makes more sense. 

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A capable and reliable staffing agency is an essential partnership for your business. Whether an RPO or more traditional agency is the best option for you, the quality of the candidates you have access to hire is the most important element of this relationship.

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