A recruitment agency helps job seekers find the most appropriate job for them. They also find candidates to fill vacant positions for employers. However, there are positions in many industries today where qualified, less experienced candidates get overlooked. With a recruitment agency, you get the support to fill vacancies based on your company’s needs, even when what you need is a diamond in the rough. When your company finds itself looking for new hires in Denver, ask JC Porter to guide you.

Are all Agencies Equal?


In-house Human Resources personnel have a lot of responsibilities. For most businesses, it’s inefficient at best and wasteful at worst to expect HR to deal with your recruiting needs on top of everything else. This is especially true for small enterprises where the division of labor and time spread talent thinly. Instead, the company can partner with recruitment agency experts who can better represent the business. Most agencies have access to databases of thousands of candidates in the markets they serve.

Know Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies have many distinctions, especially when it comes to its services. To find the most appropriate one, it’s important to understand their key differences.

Here are the most recruitment agency types:

Traditional Employment Agency

Traditional employment agencies help job seekers find jobs and help businesses fill vacancies with new employees. A traditional recruitment agency values face-to-face job interviews and applications. More often than not, the traditional model is best for finding the best applicants. They often conduct job fairs, place openings in newspapers, or put openings on job boards to get good candidates into your hiring funnel. 

Temporary Employment Agencies

Temporary employment agencies are commonly called “temp” agencies. These firms find employees to fill temporary job vacancies and best suit businesses with seasonal hiring needs (lke tax or harvest seasons) or who need time to vet candidates on the job before offering a long term position. The agency becomes temp employees’ recognized employer and pays them directly and may offer benefits. Once the temporary job becomes permanent, the relationship between the agency and the employee ends and the employer becomes directly responsible for employee pay and benefits.

Industry-specific Recruiters

Industry-specific, “niche” recruiting agencies specialize in hiring skilled candidates from particular disciplines. These agencies often have a strong relationship with specialist employers in their chosen niche. Companies seek guidance from them because they are knowledgeable about the background and skills needed for a specific type of job and have connections in the talent pool already. They are often also the best place to go for job seekers who need advice on optimizing a resume and acing a job interview; however, they tend to have stringent guidelines for whom they’ll represent than typical agencies or recruiters. 

Retained Search Firm

Have you ever wondered who hires the CEO? A retained search firm’s job is to search for executive and senior-level positions for a definite time period. Firms like this specialize in contacting the most suitable candidates for their employers. They often approach other employed executives who aren’t actively searching for new employment. This is in order to persuade them away from their current employers. These firms, sometimes referred to as headhunters, are paid expenses along with an additional percentage of the position’s salary, often regardless of whether the potential new “head” is hired.

The retained agency will then make a thorough review of the job listing, qualifications, and even the form and content of the application before finally sending it to the employer’s hiring manager. As per their agreement, the firm can only present them with the most appropriate applicants for the position, and their value is in limiting the field of prospects to only the best fits available.

Partner with JC Porter

There are a handful of reasons why businesses work with recruitment agencies, including improving the quality of candidate pools and reducing costs. JC Porter provides these advantages and more. Do you need help recruiting for your Denver area company? Read more about how we can help you: https://jcporter.net/recruitment-and-talent-search/.

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