Imagine yourself applying to the best corporations in Denver, CO. The next day, you receive the email you have been waiting for — the company of your dreams replied. Holding your breath and moving your finger in slow motion as you try to open the message, you read, “After a thorough screening of your application, we have seen that you are not fit for the position. Thank you for having an interest in applying to our company.” Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Although that may be a part of a typical job search, we empathize with your hard work. Consider using job placement services so you can find better jobs. JC Porter, a leading job placement agency in Denver, can make job applications easy for you.

Job Searches Then and Now

Employment dates back centuries, when peasants were hired to work in farms and mechanics were hired in factories. But job interviews started a bit later in the Roaring Twenties when employers decided they could be more selective about the people who could work for them. Thomas Edison began the process using employment questionnaires, which included questions about world geography. Indeed, job searching has changed over time and how companies look for new hires, too. But what does it have to do with job searches today? It proves that processes change, from basic questionnaires to how we conduct job placement tests in modern times. Job placement services aim to keep up with these changes. We bring potential employees to employers in effective and efficient ways to transform the world of employment. JC Porter has committed to be a catalyst in the job placement industry.

The Experts’ Advice?

When you work with JC Porter, there will be a lot to learn when making the right moves to land in the job you’re applying for. If you are still considering an expert’s help, check out some of the pieces of advice we offer our clients:

  • Make the perfect resume

This may be a cliché, but ask everyone in the corporate world, and they’ll tell you that a perfect resume is key if you want to hear “you’re hired” from employers. The content of your resume still depends on you — your work experience, your skills, and all the essential details needed for the job position. But it is the resume that employers seek first from job seekers. When you get guidance from a reputable job placement agency, they’ll let you know where you might have gone wrong in creating your resume. It’s important to have all of the details laid out in the right way. Above all, these professionals have direct experience in the hiring process. So, put your trust in their expertise, and believe in yourself.

  • Expand your network

Everyone might have told you to put up profiles on job hiring sites for more visibility. That might help, but relying on those social sites alone does not guarantee that you’ll find a job. Expanding your network can be through involving yourself in networking groups, seminars, or industry conferences. You will be surprised to see where these meetings could lead you. Also, let your existing network know that you are looking for a job. This may include your former colleagues or even college friends — reach out to them through email or call them. For networking and seminars, try webinars. They are in demand these days. 

  • Gather your skills

As someone just starting their career or for someone who’s switching careers, it can be hard to find a job if your skills are not up to date. Thankfully, skills can be learned. A job placement company can advise you to go to workshops or attend training seminars so you fit the job you’re applying to. It’s also a great practice to upgrade and even re-learn the skills you possess already. Practice keeps your skills sharp. 

Optimize Your Job Search with JC Porter

For decades, JC Porter’s job placement services have connected skilled employees to big companies. Though Denver’s metropolitan area is large, we guarantee that no company in the area will overlook you when you choose us to guide you. Talk to us today by calling (303) 953-1139 so we can start optimizing your job search. 

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