Take it from the locals: Denver is one of the greatest cities in Colorado! From its diverse culture, amazing museums, mountains, peaceful neighborhoods, a thriving workforce, and a lot more, anyone would be quickly convinced to live, work and raise a family in this fantastic city. Now if you have a job out of Denver and you are planning to check if the grass is indeed greener, connect with JC Porter today and you’ll never have to delve in blindly into the competition. We provide confidential job seeker assistance in Denver that can save you from an awkward job hunting situation.

What are the hassles of job hunting while you still have a job?

While it’s true that the best time to find out if there are better work opportunities in Denver is while you’re still currently employed, it’s not an easy feat especially if you plan to do everything in secret. Today wherein privacy can be considered a luxury; you’re more likely to find yourself in a very awkward situation. What if someone in your company finds out? How will you deal with it?

Here are the top challenges of job hunting on your own:

  • Time is of the essence.
    Chances are, you’re working on a 9-5 schedule. With access to your office computer, it can be tempting to check the Net and see possible openings from time to time. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone which is not permitted during business working hours typically. So what would you do? Sneak in the bathroom? Run a job search during lunch time instead of eating? Aside from these hassles, you can never keep your job hunting activity discreet in a place where almost everyone can access your files and browsing history.
  • Using social media can be suspicious.
    You might think that you can rely on the discretion on social media once you’ve set your privacy settings. However, you must be vigilant as you never know who can spy on you and report your activity to your boss. Some of your contacts can be invasive as well. Moreover, keep in mind that a sudden makeover on your profile can arouse suspicions, especially today where almost all people check the social network accounts right at the moment they wake up and before they sleep.
  • You have to take a risk submitting a limited-view resume.
    While some employers will understand that you don’t want your job hunting broadcasted, it is not an easy task as you have to contain your contact information. While you can keep out the name of your current employer on your resume as well as the address, what would you put in the email address? So you will go back to the main hassle of feeling tempted to check your personal email to see if someone had already shown interest in your application.

Let JC Porter Help you in Your Confidential Job Search in Denver!

Looking for a new job in Denver requires your full time and stamina. However, as real as it goes, it will indeed be a tough job to carry out everything with secrecy while you are still holding on to a current position. Connect with us today, and we’ll help you get your dream job in Denver while saving you from the risks of exposures and other complications. Our confidential job seeker assistance will guide you to the best job opportunities without blowing your cover. While we do what we do best, you can use your time wisely to settle the things needed in your current company. Keep in mind the rule of the thumb; it’s always better to leave a company on good terms!

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