Common avenues for job seekers searching for jobs are online job boards, social media, and word of mouth. They rely on networking and research to land jobs and find employment opportunities that meet their career aspirations. In reality, all that can drag on and become exhausting. 


When you are in the thick of the hiring process and want to turn the work over to someone else, you might consider a recruiting agency. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself, working with professional recruiters can expose you to more opportunities. 

Unfortunately, a lot of negative things get said about recruitment agencies, and sometimes they turn out to be true. Although there’s no denying that some candidates have negative experiences with recruiters, more often than not the criticism all boils down to a simple lack of understanding about what recruiters do. 

What is a recruitment agency?

If you’re considering changing jobs, start looking sooner than later– there will be more competitors the longer you wait. What you need is a partner in your job search who can make the process a little easier. This is where recruitment agencies shine.

You can think of recruitment agencies as matchmakers. They connect you with prospective employers and help you look for jobs that fit your interests and skills. Although every recruitment agency has its specialized process, the bases remain the same. A good firm will have a streamlined procedure including advertising, wading through submissions, and shortlisting candidates for specific companies, offering as close to a hassle-free hiring process as you will find. 

Moreover, recruitment agencies have a database of resumes which they use to screen job seekers. Once they find a candidate a match, they may provide interview coaching and help you negotiate a compensation package with your potential employer. Working with a recruitment agency guarantees you that someone is following up on your application and that somebody has your back.

It is true that there are recruiting service scams out there– so be careful. Before working with a recruiter, conduct thorough research first to avoid a bad experience.

4 Recruiting Myths Holding Off Your Career

It is understandable that some job seekers hesitate to work with a recruitment agency. But now that you’re aware of how recruitment agencies work, it’s time to set myths aside. Here are five common misconceptions job seekers worry about when working with a recruitment agency: 


  • Recruiters only produce one role in mind – to fill positions

While it’s true that filling roles is a priority for recruiters (or else they don’t get paid), it is not true that this is all they care about. The ultimate goal of every agency is to find a position that suits a job seeker’s background and skills. Their reputation is on the line when they place a candidate in an environment that isn’t the right fit and doesn’t make them happy. 


  • Recruitment agencies only handle contracting staff or temporary jobs 

Recruitment agencies can place you in either a permanent or temporary position, depending on your preference. Whether you want a short-term contract during the holidays or a stable nine-to-five schedule, you won’t need to hop from job to job while working with recruiters. 


  • It is the recruiter’s job to manage your job search

To be clear, recruiters are resources – not your career counselors. While they provide guidance and insights during the process, its management is up to you. When you have submitted your resume, having a recruiter submit another one at the same company for the same position can cost you the job. So keep track of each application you have sent – dates, companies, and roles applied for – then share it with the recruiter. 


  • Recruitment agencies will take money out of the job seeker’s pay

Contrary to common belief, recruiting agencies won’t touch your paychecks. Although additional charges can be incurred for training and documents, these are no different to what you would pay outside of working with an agency. If you have encountered an agency that requires you to pay them to find you a job, or they take a cut from your paycheck or pay you less than the minimum wage, that is not a reputable recruitment agency. 

With these misconceptions put to rest, one thing is for sure – a good agency can be an important, even integral part of your job search. When the job market is tight and competition is fierce, you need proper guidance and support. Wouldn’t it be less hassle if someone else could manage the process on your behalf? Sign up with our recruitment experts from Denver to unlock great job opportunities! Talk to our team at JC Porter today at (303) 953-1139.                            

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