An important part of employee recruitment is applicant screening. A recruitment agency or prospective employer must be well-versed in handling efficient interviews to recruit the best applicants.

Why Take Interviews Seriously?

In employment shortlisting, interviewing is the most crucial phase. Interviews enable recruiters to assess applicants’ abilities, expertise, and attitude to see that they match the position’s qualifications and the organization’s growth needs and culture. That is… interviews achieve this when conducted properly. It’s critical to be prepared. 

In addition to that, if an interview will land an organization “the best man for the job,” attrition stays low and retraining costs stay down there with it. A successful screening also benefits prospects since it allows them to decide if their work demands and objectives match their expectations and needs.

Interview Types

The recruitment agency can use a range of questioning approaches to develop a precise hiring approach. Hence, the decision is based on myriad considerations, including the type of the job, the sector, and the organization’s values.

Questioning strategies range from informal to organized. Organized interviewing’s major goal is to identify professionals critical to specific roles. In this case, the recruitment agency asks every candidate for a particular role the same series of questionnaires. This easy approach enables the team to assess candidates in relation to one  another. 

Over-the-Phone Interview

A telephone screening can help determine if an individual’s credentials, expertise, capabilities, and pay requirements are appropriate for the job and the company. Hence, phone calls are frequently used to restrict the pool of candidates for face-to-face assessments.  

One-on-One Interview

The typical method of interviewing with the applicant could be supervise or unsupervised, and you could handle it in various ways based on the variables sought by the interviewer. Therefore, contextual, intellect and practical techniques are the three most prevalent ways to direct employee selection.

Panel Interview

Panel interviews put individual candidates in front of a group of professionals to answer questions. Sometimes, the hiring organization may separate their participants into interviewers and observers– the observers are there to ensure objectivity and to help interviewers improve. 

A panel interview, conducted properly, could provide a more comprehensive overview of an applicant than a one-on-one session. 


Recruitment agencies and company supervisors may make the most out of job applications by planning ahead of time. Therefore, those plans include choosing (and sticking to) a questioning approach and asking meaningful questions. 

It also helps when you partner with an established, reliable recruitment agency.

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