Lakewood, CO, is home to some great organizations employing people that could be a good fit for yours, but those gifted people don’t usually come knocking on your door; you have to seek them out. If your business wants to outperform its rivals by discovering, keeping the best personnel available, best recruiting practices look for a talent search agency like JC Porter.

Trends And Best Practices In Talent Search

So, how does one develop a talent search plan that works? Here are some considerations for creating your strategy:


Promote your business as a place where talented people want to work. Seeking inclusion on lists like “The Best Places to Work At…” is a good strategy as it simultaneously makes and validates the claim that your business is a good one to work for.

Make sure your organization’s website, social profiles, and business culture communicate not only to your target customer but also any potential hiring prospects. A strong brand may be your greatest asset in attracting quality applicants.

Detailed Job Script

Create as thorough and accurate a job description as you can. The likelihood of finding a good match is increased by detailed, clear requirements.

It may sound paradoxical, but the more detailed you can be with candidates about the projects and prior experience you’re searching for, the better your chances are of finding what you need. In technology, cybersecurity, health, law, and financial management, niche roles can drastically reduce the number of candidates while increasing the chance of a quality match. Plus, a limited talent pool frequently makes networking and outreach attempts more achievable.

Use Effective Channels

Don’t rely solely on the neighborhood newsletter. Consider employment boards, trade shows, events, social media, a company website, recommendations, and agency partners.

On LinkedIn, one-stop shopping restricts an employer’s reach. There are other online groups where you might discover underrepresented talent, some focusing on a particular expertise or skill set.

Stay Connected

Observe hiring patterns and practices. Be present and engaged across many forums and platforms,  digital and traditional. Connect frequently with your recruiting outlets.

A smart place to find new talent is among current employees. Many organizations provide a retention bonus if the recommended candidate is hired and continues to work for the company. Since excellent individuals tend to refer other good people, referral schemes tend to be very effective. 

Head hunting passive candidates may be the ideal strategy in some situations. These professionals are not looking for a job, but if properly addressed and given a reason to shift jobs, they might consider the chance.

Access Your ATS!

An applicant tracking system is an important, effective tool for organizing your hiring efforts, especially once you’ve established your brand and outreach program. Use keywords from the job description’s listed competencies to search your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Just as experience is important for drawing customers, a nice candidate experience goes a long way toward bringing talent to your organization.

Your ATS may also provide data analytics to help you find trends in where and how the firm’s top talent originated, whether specific application questions deter prospects, and whether including a video about the corporate culture increased applications.

Are You Prepared For Change?

Connecting with a talent-sourcing strategy is often the best next step in a quest for better talent. The talent search agency must be able to adapt the approach to account for the most recent trends and practices, your company’s demands, and employment benchmarks.

Lakewood area workers are in high demand. You have to be strategic if you want to land them for your team.  

Luckily, JC Porter is here to aid your needs to grow your business. Visit our website or call us at (303) 953-1139 for more inquiries.

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