Let’s go straight to the important questions first. Does your company need workers for a job with a high turnover? Or are you a large company and simply need a large volume of talent in the peak season? Well, you might need a temp agency to work on your terms. But what can it really do for employers like you in Lakewood, CO? Here at JC Porter, we find our client companies the best skilled workers in a variety of industries. Whether you’re looking for workers to work for a limited time or to fill a permanent position, we give our best effort to make sure you have the best candidates. 

Defining a Temp Agency

A temporary agency, or temp agency, is a business that commits to employing job-seekers in short-term contract positions at various companies across industries. Companies look for these agencies to fill their contract and temporary job vacancies because of their business speed, ease, and expertise. Sometimes, temp agencies are a company’s last resort to find unskilled workers to fit in their low-wage jobs. But today, their effectiveness and efficiency providing contract workers in the fields of medicine, technology, and engineering are sought by big companies. A temp agency has a lot to offer a company that needs to fill its workforce.

Temp Agencies’ Benefits

Choosing the right employees is difficult. With the help of temp agencies, companies find appropriate job candidates to avoid the increased costs of turnover, as sometimes workers with less work history or skills can become liabilities. Excessive turnover can damage the workforce. This is especially true during peak seasons, and it is what companies are trying to avoid. Temp agencies do more than just reduce turnover, though. At JC Porter, these are the excellent benefits we love giving our clients: 

Short-term positions

This is where a temp agency differs from the usual staffing agency. Most companies hire a temp agency to find skilled workers for a particular project. These projects do not extend for more prolonged periods. Once the project has concluded, so are the workers’ terms with the company. 

Billings and charges

Temp agencies do not charge job seekers. The temp agency bills the employer for the service of providing them with temporary workers. These employees are the so-called products of the service temp agencies rendered for the company. A percentage of the wage of the employed worker will serve as the payment for the service. However, these negotiations differ between the hiring company and the temp agency in most cases.

Flexibility with reduced risks

Do temporary workers processed through temp agencies get the chance to be hired permanently? Absolutely! This is one efficient benefit of applying through a temp agency. There is a great opportunity for temporary employees to be employed permanently in the long run. For the employer, this reduces the risk of hiring incapable workers into their workforce. 

Efficiency in time and money

Instead of hiring ineffective permanent workers, employers can use temp agencies to find suitable workers to work for a temporary period. This allows the company to find better candidates to fill any job vacancy without excessive turnover. 

Ability to assess workers

Through a temp agency, employers can get a picture of a worker’s employability before hiring them for a permanent position. On the other hand, an employee from the temp agency can impress their managers by displaying their work performance and skills. It’s a win-win situation for all parties. 

How JC Porter Can Help You

JC Porter ensures that every candidate we process will be a great fit for our client companies. Count on us to help both companies and job seekers prosper. Should you wish to start a lasting business relationship with us in Lakewood, CO, you can contact us at https://jcporter.net/contact-us/.  

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